Reducing bottom line cost without compromising quality

“We control the cost without scarifying ultimate quality as well as develop and deploy local support services”
Subhrajyoti Mukhopadhyay, Director, Automation India Welding Technology Pvt. Ltd.”
Automation India Welding Technology mostly caters to the requirements of robotic automation of welding in the fabrication industries. Its major customers are heavy and medium fabrication industries, such as earth-moving equipment manufacturers, rolling stock industries, ship building and structural fabrication industries. Subhrajyoti Mukhopadhyay shares why many customers are taking the slowdown as an opportunity to increase their manufacturing capabilities to meet the emerging demands at a later date.
Financial performanceAs an automation engineering solution provider, Automation India had supplied systems to a few major earth-moving equipment manufacturers for welding application last year. It rendered services to automatic welding of aluminium, stainless steel and inconel components to electric power transmission and distribution industries.
In addition, it also supplies robotic solutions for automatic grinding and polishing applications to foundry and forging industries. The initial responses are really encouraging and the company look forward for some new business opportunities in this financial year as well.
Achievements in robotic welding solutionsLast year, Automation India supplied robotic welding solutions to several internationally reputed earth-moving equipment manufacturers, against the stiff competitions from global and local system integrators. This could only be possible by carefully studying the requirement and suggesting the best solutions with commitment in customer support. The ordered systems were installed, programmed and started working within 1 month only. As on date, the systems are being used for production. This is an achievement, which is a record within such new industry and still unbelievable to all other suppliers of robotic welding solutions. This was only possible due to round-the-clock support from its principal at Italy and its commitment to the customers.
Effect of not-so-stable exchange ratesThe money market was very tight, including not-so-stable condition of the exchange rates in the last one year. That’s why the cost of acquiring the up-to-minute technology is becoming more and more expansive.
This situation is only pushing the Indian  manufacturing industries to compromise on quality by spending less expansive, inferior products; thereby, the ultimate quality of the manufactured products are suffering severely.
Strategies to perform wellAutomation India sourced not-so-critical components from local suppliers to reduce the bottom line cost of solution without scarifying the performance criteria. It also developed local manpower for support services as well as explored the possibilities of introducing a training institute with international recognition.
Dealing constraintsAutomation India controls the cost without scarifying ultimate quality as well as develops and deploys local support services. It also develops and redesigns most effective but economical solutions.
Innovation by Automation IndiaAutomation India explores several opportunities for robotic automation, such as tool tendering, grinding and polishing, palletising, etc. There are also local availabilities of insurance and consumable spare parts at affordable cost with prompt delivery.
India in next 5 yearsIndia, at present, is lagging behind in automation of manufacturing processes, but the demand from international and OEM buyers are increasing every day for better productivity with assured quality. Hence, the industry can foresee good growth opportunities at least for the next 5 years

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