Reliable sensor technology from Jayashree

Ultrasonic Level SensorsThe ultrasonic level sensors Series SW 3051 are very useful for sensing levels (up to 20 metres.) of liquids and slurry material. The sensor gives 4-20 mA output proportionate to level to the controller unit.
The controller unit operates relays at preset high and low levels. Sensors are available for sensing levels of 5/10/15/20 metres.
Twilight SwitchJayashree has recently introduced a reliable and robust automatic ambient light intensity detector switch.
The unit incorporates a twin sensor technology to avoid false / nuisance sensing. The unit is useful for automatic switching on loads such as street lights, landscape lights, sign boards, monuments and heritage buildings and public places.
Models are also available with built-in programmable timer to switch off the loads after preset time or to  switch on/off loads only in the evening.
The unit can operate single phase or three phase loads up to 15 A rating. The unit is housed in IP-65 grade ABS plastic enclosure. The operating light level can be set from 2 lux to 100 lux.

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