Replacing diffusers with energy efficient aerator yield greater efficiency

By replacing diffusers with energy efficient aerator for its ETP, Oneiro expects to save around ` 4 lakhs in energy cost
At Oneiro Chemicals Ltd., Vadodara, the flow is of 60 KL/day and COD is 8,000 ppm in their effluent. In their Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), they have two aeration tanks of size 6M x 6M x 4.6M SWD + 0.6M FB. Previously in the aeration tanks, they were using Diffused Aeration System having the blower capacity of 15 HP in each tank. They have lot of maintenance problems like chocking of diffusers, uneven distribution of air, maintenance of blowers, blower making noise, etc. Therefore, they decided to replace this Diffusers with ENVIRON Energy Efficient Aerators.
On studying the characteristics of the effluent and tank size, ENVIRON recommended 7.5HP Aerator in each Tank. Oneiro decided to replace the Diffused Aeration System of Tank No. 1 and replaced the same.
At present they are using one Diffused Aeration System of 15 HP in Tank No. 2 and one 7.5 HP ENVIRON Energy Efficient Aerator in Tank No. 1. Now the results while comparing are:In Tank No. 2 of 15 HP Diffused Aeration System the current drawn is 22Amps and the outlet COD is 2,500 ppm having the maintenance problems.In Tank No. 1 of 7.5HP Environ Aerator, the current drawn is 7.3 Amps and the outlet COD is 2,100 ppm. Secondly, there is no maintenance cost.
Therefore, by replacing Oneiro would save energy of 7.5KW x 24 hrs x 365 days = 65,700 units per year. So considering the cost per unit at ` 6, Oneiro may make a monetary saving of ` 3,94,200.00 in a year, getting the best result than Diffused Aeration System.
The Aerator is running since 6th June 2013 and now Oneiro has ordered for another 7.5HP ENVIRON Energy Efficient Aerator for replacing the 15 HP Diffused Aeration System of Tank No. 2.

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