Right approach should be ‘wait and watch’

“As the industry is facing relatively lower demands, the projects are drifting and taking relatively a longer time for conclusion.”  -Jagadeesh A. Kulkarni, Vice President – Sales and Marketing, (W&A), Disa India Ltd.
While the overall industry didn’t see any significant growth, Disa India Ltd. performed identical to year 2011. It focused on improving customer convenience as well as stocked of its imported parts locally. Jagadeesh A. Kulkarni tells how Disa worked to improve customer relations and overall up time of equipment.
Recent performanceDisa India’s focus is on foundry, steel and auto sector related applications, wherein it can bring a value-added solution with horizontal or vertical green sand moulding lines, shot blasting solutions and filters. The shot blasting solutions, which is also used for various surface preparations, needs like descaling of steel structures, plates, sections, profiles, before painting, shot peening and descaling of heat-treated components used in auto segments. Its focus will continue in this segment, and it aims to improve the cost and life of its customers’ metallic parts.
Approach to marketAs the industry is facing relatively lower demands, the projects are drifting and taking relatively a longer time for conclusion. The same is also being seen in stand-alone needs and modernisation plans. Overall, Disa feels the customer approach should be to wait and watch the market before investments.
Improving local market needsAs an organisation, Disa works to optimise the investment costs for products. Many initiatives were taken to improve local market needs like establishing R&D in India and developing products and service. It also identified the solutions which are presently being offered from its European parts and initiated technology transfer of these products so that these are manufactured from its plants in India. These help in optimising process cost and pass on the benefits to clients.
Improving customer convenienceDisa India is focusing on improving customer convenience on procuring wear parts for imported equipment. As a strategy, it is now having a local stocking of spare or wear parts for the products, presently being offered from its European parts. This helps in cutting lead time and improving customer relations and their overall up time of equipment.
Growth infrastructureAs its foundry is mother industry, improvement is top agenda for growth infrastructure. Disa continues to focus on bringing value-added as well as developing country specific

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