Risk more weight with new Drylin W

Linear technology, which is lubrication free and dirt resistant, now withstands the weight of a well-equipped middle-class estate car (up to 2 tonnes). The new “Drylin W” linear guide size 25 from igus connects these characteristics.
Previously, a lubrication-free, cheap alternative to linear guide systems that run on ball bearings was developed with the “Drylin W” system. As early as the construction stage, the flexible and modular design with its most different accessories allows more freedom of design. New fields of application for the manifold linear guide systems (agricultural machines, automobile construction) as well as the medicine technology or packing industry offers now the high-load version in the size 25.
Like all members of the “Drylin W” family, the new version consist of three simple basic elements: a guide rail made of hard-anodised aluminium, the housing bearings made of zinc die casting and the gliding foil made of the tribo-optimised plastic iglidur J200. The W25 double guide rail has a 25 mm shaft diameter and 120 mm distance between shaft centres. Compared to the other Drylin W sizes, these new dimensions give a higher load capacity as well as resisting higher moments. Statically, each of the four bearing housings made of zinc die-casting can take up to 480 kg. A gliding foil made of iglidur J200 is responsible for the lubrication-free travel of high loads at low friction values and most minimal wear, especially developed for the use with hard-anodised aluminium as friction partner.
All four sizes of the “Drylin W” system are easy to mount because the double rail makes the costly alignment of two parallel shafts or guides unnecessary. The rails are available up to a length of 4 metres. For longer travels, the rails can be easily placed in sequence. The factory-made attached bevel allows gliding of the glide elements from one rail to the other.

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