Robotic Industry Lacks Skilled Manpower

Catalyst Robotics & Automation Pvt Ltd (Catrobotics) is basically an automation company with robotics as a specialization. The Company caters to many segments and handles various robotic automation projects from understanding customers’ needs, conceptualization, designing, and modeling, DAP, manufacturing then assembly and tryout for final installation/commissioning. Vasudev M, General Manager interacts with OEM Update.
Mr. Vasudev, what is your opinion about the Industrial robotics segment in India?
The Industrial robotic segment is now expanding in sphere from OEM to vendors and tier–1 customers. Small entrepreneurs are also getting to know the importance of this segment.
Where the Indian industry does stands in terms of adapting robotics technology?
The Indian industry is just now starting in adapting this technology and still a long way ahead for many fields for its implementation.
What are the major roadblocks for this industry?
The drawbacks for this industry are still skilled man–power is in shortage for the operators and major manpower in industry needs to be trained and ready to adopt the up–coming trends / technology.
Tell us about your key products.
We are not product based company, our’s is a Project based company. We do not stick to any sector and segment; but always we strive to do different things in each project.
Which are the industries your services are catering for?
We cater to many sectors for different products viz, automobile, pharma, manufacturing, welding, line processing, like many to list. Our aim is to do something new and which is not done earlier by anybody for robotic automation.

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