Sarla Technologies [Oct 2011]

Indian oil & gas sector has been growing at a decent rate making it one of the six core industries in India. While witnessing high consumption demands the industry alongside has also been facing challenges related to price fluctuations and also safety related issues of employees working on- shore.
In oil & gas sector, process control is an important aspect which faces the challenges of implementing newer automation technologies across both upstream and downstream processes. While achieving this, they need to meet the safety, operating and product quality standards.  According to the ARC’s 5 year market & technology forecast, the Investment in automation by the oil & gas industry will be strong and is forecasted to grow through 2013.
Oil and gas producers are focused on production optimisation and increasing reliability of their processing operations. Automation is needed right from offshore production, onshore production, transportation and processing.  In all these processes there is a constant pressure to help control performance, reduce downtime, improve safety increase productivity and perform diagnostics. These objectives are achieved with automation systems like DCS, SCADA, PLC and with solutions that integrate these control systems with the enterprise systems thus enhancing the productivity.
Plant intelligence has been streamlining and synchronising manufacturing operations in real-time thus optimising the production activities. In typical environment, there are plethoras of systems thatwork in isolation. Organisations want to keep their investments intact and need solution that will ‘Connect – Integrate – Analyse’ their processes and give management key performances index (KPI) that help take informed decisions.
Plant Intelligence solutions facilitate flexibility, reduce production costs and enhance profitability by: • Improving visibility to expose hidden bottlenecks• Connecting disparate systems within the plant hierarchy for better integration • Reducing material waste which directly reduces cost and shortens cycle time to increase productivity• Cutting downtime to enhance OEE• Offering real-time information on customer orders across multiple plants• Data Acquisition from current as well as legacy systems at a centralised location • Generating KPIs, real-time visibility, and comprehensive reporting • Managing and optimising productions processes with manufacturing execution systems • Manufacturing intelligence & integration with SAP MII adaptive manufacturing capabilities.
With its vast experience in providing automation services for leading Indian Oil & Gas PSU’s and services especially in tankfarm management, terminal management systems, Sarla Technologies has become a partner of choice for the oil & gas industry.
The company has already been providing its services and solutions through its engineering portfolio which is into instrumentation engineering, automation engineering and electrical engineering at various sites like India, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Brazil and Iraq. It has provided automation services in vessel management, rig management, safety systems, deep sub-sea systems, gas compressors, gathering stations, water injection systems and power management for leading Oil & gas companies in the world.
As a Global Services provider, they have helped EPC’s/Process Consultants/OEM’s and SI’s to meet their changing customer demands of providing tailor made solutions on multiple platforms, migration of legacy systems to newer technologies at multiple remote sites. They provide engineering services, site support and commissioning services in control, instrumentation & electrical systems.
Achievements• Sarla Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 and CSIA Certified organisation• Completed successfully SOE and Time synchronization Implementation into Triconex PLC for Oil & Gas Company in Middle East• Completed required automation for chemical injection, oil drilling &  piping for leading oil and gas company in Norway • Installed Tri-stations and communication establishment with controller for leading oil and gas company in Qatar• Completed Automation of Oil treatment unit for leading Oil and Gas company in Qatar• Completed Automation of Gas Monitoring System for leading Gas company in Qatar• Up-graded existing fire & gas system to Triconex Control System for leading oil and gas company in Abu-Dhabi• Completed the project which involved transportation Automation of Crude Oil  Pipeline project.

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