‘Say no to sluggish mechanical devices’

With a major understanding of the importance of mechanical devices, Sunil Kurkute, director at Sdtork Controls explores new trends and technologies
Company Overview
Industrial processes are virtually unthinkable without automation. Even at the design stage for new plants, electronically controlled processes play a major role. Within this environment, electric actuators are a key component decisively determining the reliability and efficiency of entire options.
Engineering companies and valve manufacturers fully understand the importance of the actuation solution and turn to SDTORK for reliability and expertise in a wide range of environment.
Meeting virtually any requirement, the company’s multi-turn actuators provide torques up to 2,000 Nm and part turn actuators operate up to 85,000 Nm. Sdtork provides precise electronic controls in high enclosure protection, equipped with intelligent functions. Additionally, latest field bus solutions are under development.
USP of Sdtork solutions
The Company keeps ahead of demand and design trends with a constant upgrade program, installing the latest computer assisted equipment. Unlike other actuator manufacturers, Sdtork products and components are produced in the company’s own factory under the watchful eyes of an expert in-house team.
Market status
The company shares 20 per cent of business of total market share in domestic market.
Technological advancements
SDTORK comprises of a dynamic and committed team of young professionals blended with expertise and experience, technocrats, engineers and managers. Sdtork team is well aware of the latest developments in modernisation and automation with stress on economy, efficiency and quality. The present trend is ‘speed’ which means replacement of rather sluggish and outdated mechanical devices with faster and modern electronic and electrical devices. Sdtork is precisely in this business of automation of valves through intelligent approach to the same.
Challenges before the plant manager is replace or retrofit (i.e.) go in for new facilities or upgrade existing facilities. The current facilities like pipes and valves may, by and large, cater to present and future requirements. Hence the need of the hour is solution through technology combined with innovation, in other words, ’technovation’.
Recent Initiatives
Sdtork has developed Electric Actuators – nay, intelligent actuators’ to suit every valve application. The latest technology like MODBUS – interface is adopted in these Intelligent Actuators to provide greater advantage to the end-user, apart from using feed-back devices and fail-safe devices.
These intelligent actuators are designed for both on-off (open-close) application and also modulating application. Sdtork Intelligent Actuators are customer friendly and guarantee precise control every time, with repeated operations also. With a variety of valve types, Sdtork uses special adaptors with the intelligent actuators to suit each valve type for greater customer satisfaction. Sdtork team assures that the customer will ever love to approach Sdtork for their further needs and will never regret the decision to go with Sdtork.
Target sectors
Chemical: Chemical industries, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical
Power: Power Plants, Air Pollution Control
Water: Water Works, Sewage Treatment Plants, Pumping House
Food Industries: Breweries, Sugar, Dairies
Others:Cement Plant, Steel Plant, Air Conditioning & Ventilation, Ship building
SDTORK Controls Pvt. Ltd.
Works: S.No.40/4, Balaji Udyam Nagar, Tempo Chowk, Wadgaon Sheri, Pune 411014
Tel: +91-20-65333549/65311091

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