Shell focusing to fulfil key expectations like efficiency and cost-effectiveness

“In current scenario, energy efficiency, fuel efficiency and total cost of ownership are the key expectations from customers and all the major OEMs are working towards that.”
Akhil Jha, Vice President, Technical (Lubricants), Shell India Markets Pvt. Ltd.
 At its operations Shell India aims to address social concerns and work to benefit local communities. It is one of the leading players in the field. Today the company is into variety of businesses of lubricants, bitumen, retail, marine, aviation etc. Mr Jha talks about Shell India’s contribution towards earthmoving and construction equipment (E&CE) sectors.
Solutions for E&CE sectorsShell Lubricants has been providing its various solutions time to time in the areas of earthmoving and construction equipment. The company works with various OEMs in India and align products and services to suit best for the requirements.This enables OEMs to deliver value to their customers.
“In current scenario, energy efficiency, fuel efficiency and total cost of ownership are the key expectations from customers and all the major OEMs are working towards that,” observes Mr Jha. “At Shell Lubricants, we have innovative products to offer energy efficiency, reliability and total cost of ownership.”
Moreover, Mr Jha explains the offerings from Shell Lubricant’s side in detail as follows:
Hydraulic system OEMs are designing very compact hydraulic systems with smaller hydraulic tanks and pump manufactures offers special pumps with dry case. This becomes very demanding for oil in terms of- • Thermal stress cause oxidation and deposits in system which leads to malfunctioning • Less time for separation of air which causes foaming and associated operational and reliability issues. Shell has developed fully synthetic hydraulic oil Tellus S4ME to meet these challenges and to reduce the friction. Combination of energy efficiency from equipment and Tellus S4ME becomes useful in challenging situations.
Engine oil As engine is the only source of power and if one can reduce fuel consumption in the engine, it will contribute to not only savings in fuel cost but also in helping the environment through less CO2 in the tail pipe emission. Shell has developed Rimula R6LME which meets these requirements while taking care of hardware durability and reliability aspects for all modern engines.
GreasesGreases are another application for earth moving equipment where it does not get much of attention of customers as it becomes non priority item. However, poor selection and application of grease can be very expansive practice. It is observed in field that in many of the cases, life of components in off-highway equipment become shortened and re-greasing intervals are very short.
Shell has a range of grease under brand name of Gadus for off-highway equipment ranging from grease for pin bush application to draglines, wire ropes, open gears etc. The company has many cases where Shell grease backed by Shell LubeExpert services has delivered great value to customers.
‘Make in India’ It is observed that the industry is looking positively at the new campaign announced by Government – ‘Make in India’. Many professional are sensing the opportunity to expand through the same.
“As Shell has a good presence in off-highway segment with approval and relationship with many global and local OEMs, ‘Make in India’ is a good opportunity for us as equipment will be made in India with less of imports and more of exports,” says Mr Jha.
The company is well experienced to work with OEMs to offer solution to be more competitive in market in terms of quality. As Shell is a global player, its export oriented unit will have advantage with choosing and recommending Shell for consistency of high performance products.

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