Siemens India announces breakthrough in high-voltage product technology [Dec 2011]

The Power Transmission Division of Siemens announced the launch of the world’s first 1200 kV SF6 Circuit Breaker, from its manufacturing facility at Aurangabad. With the launch, Siemens reinforced its commitment to partner India’s National Grid Agenda and to drive the country’s energy mission.
India’s growing economy needs an efficient power transmission system to meet the increasing demand for reliable and affordable power. According to a press statement released by the company, “With the 1200 kV system, India will leapfrog into a new transmission age that will contribute to the nation’s economic growth, with an objective to bring electricity across the nation”.
The power transmission capacity of the 1200 kV line will be more than double as compared to the 800 kV line. This technology will make it possible to evacuate large amount of electric power from distant generating stations to load centres by interconnecting regional grids. The new 1200 kV system will need less than half the space used by the existing 800 kV system with fewer numbers of lines for transmitting the same power, thus reducing the land footprint and overall environmental impact.The 1200 kV Circuit Breaker was handed over to RN Nayak Chairman & MD, PGCIL at Siemens manufacturing facility at Aurangabad. Dr. Armin Bruck, MD, Siemens said, “The launch of the 1200 kV SF6 Circuit Breaker is a significant milestone in this journey. Contributing towards sustainable development of the nation’s economy by enhancing efficiency of the power sector is at the top of our agenda.”
AK Dixit, CEO Energy Sector, Siemens Ltd., said, “With this technological advancement, power transmission over long distances will be more efficient while increasing the transmission capacity. Once installed, the 1200kV system will spare more land for alternative use.”

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