Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 SMART DCS for mid-sized ap-plications

Provides greater flexibility, higher operational efficiency and maintenance of plant
 Siemens launched a new DCS product line SIMATIC PCS 7 SMART specifically designed for small to mid-sized process automation markets across applications and industries. PCS 7 SMART ensures lower initial acquisition cost than a larger DCS, thus reducing the Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO). It offers a fixed, compact configuration which ensures ease of repeatability, meaning once a standard solution is designed, the same can be used for several similar applications as well. This feature not only reduces engineering efforts but also ensures lesser time-to-market. This compact automation controller is an extension of the powerful and proven SIMATIC AS 410 series controllers and ensures the same robustness and highest SIMATIC quality.
SIMATIC PCS 7 SMART can withstand harsh temperature, vibration, shock, EMC requirements and is designed for round-the-clock industry use. It has a proven ruggedness of SIMATIC controllers and is equipped with conformal coating (G3).
SIMATIC PCS 7 SMART is the future-oriented process control system with modern system architecture. It is based on robust, industrial standard SIMATIC hardware, software and peripheral components. It allows flexible and simple integration of field devices and drives based on PROFINET, PROFIBUS or Foundation Fieldbus. It also supports open source interfaces based on international standards such as OPC.
Some of the benefits include:• Faster time to market• Less training efforts for engineering, operation and service • Greater flexibility, higher operational efficiency and maintenance of plant• Simple and quick system expansion and optimisation in runtime • Compliance with open communication standards, making third-party integration simpler.

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