Smart and convenient solution for HVAC system

 Delta’s solution integrates AC motor drive, PLC, temperature controller and human machine interface
Power has been playing an important role in the economic development all over the world. However, resulting from this rapid economic development, it is not certain that adequate energy services will become available to every citizen in the next hundred years. Demand for energy will continue to grow. Delta’s mission is to conserve energy by efficient use of energy, reducing the energy use while achieving a similar outcome, or by reduced consumption of energy services.
The growth in the real-estate sector has increased the construction of the commercial high-rises. In general commercial buildings 70 per cent of the monthly electricity consumption comes from central air-conditioning, and others come from illumination and other devices. Therefore, the most effective energy-saving solution in a building lies in the air-conditioning. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) account for the majority spent by an organisation on energy. Through a highly efficient air-conditioning system we can further save around 45 per cent of the electricity. That is to say, the actual cooling, heating and ventilating we need is far less than the energy the traditional air-conditioning system consumes. One of the keys to energy saving is to enhance energy conversion efficiency and efficient methods, devices, and appliances should be employed at the sustainable development to conserve energy. Delta building automation solutions integrate: renewable energy systems, energy management systems, real-time monitoring systems, power quality improvement systems and lighting management system; as well as HVAC management systems with energy-savings up to 52 per cent, and elevator systems with energy-savings up to 52 per cent. An air-conditioning system mainly consists of three systems – air, chilled water and cooling water. Traditional designs made the machine quite big and required a large amount of space to ensure that it could achieve the desired cooling effect. This not only increased expenses in the preliminary design but also cost more as air conditioning systems always operated at low load conditions. In addition, the issues of energy savings were usually not taken into account when constructing an air-conditioning system. Some air-conditioning systems ignored overall system balance, control settings and adjustments so that the whole system operated under improper conditions over a long period of time. The capacity of the air-conditioning system would not fit the space size for efficient and satisfactory operation. The equipment wasted much energy and was not able to reduce energy consumption according to indoor heating and cooling load reductions.
In view of this situation, Delta Industrial Automation provides an energy-saving air-conditioning solution that employs Delta’s programmable logic controller (PLC) and Delta’s variable torque AC motor drives, which are specially designed for medium and high horsepower fan and pump applications. To achieve efficient and energy-saving HVAC, Delta’s solution integrates AC motor drive, PLC, temperature controller and human machine interface, offering economical, environmental-friendly, stable and energy-saving solution for air-conditioning. This solution can be used in air conditioning, chillers, cooling towers and ice storage systems to detect temperature and humidity changes, time scheduling, and operational controls according to the demand for creating the most comfortable indoor air quality in the most energy-efficient way.
With tighter operating budgets, stricter government guidelines and increasing public awareness, energy savings and resource conservation have become top priorities in the public and private sectors. With these priorities, sustainable building operations have become a real balancing act between energy use and occupant comfort.

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