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CNC Tools
Face Mill Arbors: With mounting shanks can be delivered for all common tapers and spindle noses of different boring machines, milling machines and machining centres, e.g. ISO tapers, BT tapers, Cat tapers, etc. Face mill arbors are made of case hardened steel (55-58 HRC). Suitable Pull Stud can also be provided.
Side Lock Holders: With lateral locking for straight shank cutters are available in different tapers – BT, ISO, CAT, etc. They are made of case hardened steel (55-58 HRC). Suitable Pull Stud can also be supplied.
Drill Chucks & Arbors: Can be used in high precision operation where stability & gripping of the tool is essential. Keyless drill chucks are available in various sizes up to 16mm. Arbors are available in different tapers, like BT, CAT, MT, ISO, etc.
Deburring Tools: V-shaped Sheet / Rib Deburrer Set VDT-SD
Unique tool has four ‘V’ shaped edges. Two 1 to 12mm width range and two 0 to 4mm width range. Includes handle ‘T-SD’, telescopic holder VT and V-4 blade.
Heavy Duty: This is plyacetal body handle and metalic blade hoder for longer life. Ergonomically designed, has thumb rest, grips well in hand, blades can be stored from backside.
Face Driver: For rotational turning of work pieces on their entire length without using any job carrier with high precision. Developed according to the modular design principle, therefore a universal exchange of driving discs and centres hydraulic respectively mechanical pressure compensation provides a uniform clamping force also on uneven faces of work pieces.
VDI Holders: The tool holders for turning centres are manufactured as per DIN 69880 (VDI 3425) and are made of case hardened steel like EN 353 / 20Mn Cr5. The tool holders are hardened and ground as per specification. These holders are available in different sizes ranging from 20mm to 80mm for axial and radial types of operations.
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