Stakeholders must come together and synergise their efforts

The challenge in the Indian market is that the decision makers within the industry are not always able to spend time on selecting the right mix of technology and price.
Ashish Manchanda, Managing Director, Finder India Pvt. Ltd._____________________________________________________________
 Since last 60 years, Finder has been a pioneer in industrial relays and timers on the global scale. The range of relay includes Interposing as well as power relays in electromechanical and solid state technology. Finder has one of the most reliable ranges of modular contactors, staircase timers, PIR movement detectors, presence detectors, time switches, light dependent relays, electronic step relays and dimmers, which has been saving energy on a host of different installations in industry. Finder products are used in a wide variety of applications including DCS and PLC automation panels, electrical PCC and MCCs, machine controls, material handling, railways, solar, telecom, automotive, power electronics, and building automation etc.
Dr Ashish Manchanda, Managing Director, Finder India Pvt. Ltd. shares his views about Finder and about the Make in India initiative. He draws insight into the industry with suggestions which may help.
Expect industry segments to grow at a faster rate“With the ‘Make in India’ initiative, we hope and expect various industry segments to grow on a better rate and hence demand for automation components would follow suit. Indian market has shown growth potential in all the industry segments like the energy segment, metallurgy, petrochemicals, solar, water treatment, chemicals and fertilisers, automotive, railways, building infrastructure, etc. In all these areas, there is a big gap between the levels of automation achieved so far and there is a need to adopt the innovation’s that enhance the reliability of operations through automation in the control systems of plants and buildings,” says Dr Manchanda.
Stakeholders should come together “Make In India can be successful on a greater scale if all the stakeholders in an industry like the engineering companies, building consultants and architects, turnkey contractors, system integrators, cabinet builders, machine manufacturers and end users are all able to come together and synergise their efforts to build a strong technology base that is not only sustainable but also reliable and efficient, both in terms of future proof design and ease of manufacturing,” suggests Dr Manchanda.
Select right mix of price and technologyThe challenge in the Indian market is that the decision makers within the industry are not always able to spend time on selecting the right mix of technology and price. Hence the demand for automation components and solutions diverge depending on the type of customer and their reliability needs. Within the various segments of industry the manufacturing decisions depend on the constant demands of products that have a standard criterion which can provide a degree of consistency in terms of their qualification norms. “With such standard measures the product manufacturers can take an appropriate and well-guided decision to invest in the manufacturing according to a volume of scale,” says Dr Manchanda.
Needs of industry matters At Finder, while manufacturing of the relays testing of the relays is carried out in accordance with the stringent IEC Standards in which each of the more than 3 lakhs relays made every day are tested three times during the manufacturing process. This kind of an automated manufacturing set-up can arise only out of the needs of the industry for a similar set of quality standards.
Market is evolving Finder has the products and technology that enhances operational reliability, increases efficiency and saves energy among the manufacturing as well as the infrastructure industry segments. Market in India is evolving and the environment in which industries are competing is changing. So the business decisions are aimed at use of technologies to improve manufacturing efficiencies through the use of new products and solutions.
Government policies should favour industry“In the developed countries, the government policies are favoring the organisations that are often using innovative technologies to save energy. In India, the government agencies will need to allocate targets to the industry towards reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency in their operations and at the same time provide them support to avail the benefits of emerging technologies,” remarks Dr Manchanda.
Finder promotes value additionBeing one of the world leaders in the industrial switching components, Finder with its main manufacturing location in Italy, has been promoting the value addition at local levels in various parts of the world including in countries like Germany, France, Spain and Brazil. Manufacturing in India is on the cards. The initial steps in this direction has already been taken by Finder in India by adding value in offering solutions through our system partners who are integrating our components like switched mode power supplies, relays, overvoltage and surge detection devices, etc. and making customised enclosures for various industry segments.

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