Tail Lifts for Smooth, Safe & Easy Operations [July 2012]

ApplicationsSmooth to useUsing the tried and tested features of the company’s futura retractable range of lifts, Gandhi Automations has incorporated the advantage of a flat/horizontal platform. This is especially suited to roll cage operations, but more specifically to the typical British food industry operator. Anteo superb guide rail system eliminates any ‘racking or bounce’ of the lift frame and platform during deployment and retraction. Available in futura version, one can choose to have the facility of tilting the platform at any level, a must where the operator loads or unloads on gradients.
Safe to use The platform is available with 3 way stops/ leading edges, in column lift style to the three open sides, and the new fully automatic mechanically operated foot protector/ roll cage stop.
The guard automatically rises and falls as the tail-lift is operated. As the platform moves away from body floor level cam locks lift the guard thus preventing anyone on the platform from trapping or crushing feet or toes, at the same time holding roll cages from preventing falling as the lift descends to ground level. As the lift is raised back to floor level, the guard automatically falls level with platform and body floor allowing smooth transition of roll cages into the vehicle.
Easy to use With Anteo automatic positioning in and out.
Deploy platform• Switch on the isolator in control box• Lower lift away from “park” position • Using 2-handed control, power out lift• Using 2-handed control or wander lead with changeover switch, raise and lower lift.
Stow platform• Bring platform to a convenient height• Using 2- handed control retract platform to stow under vehicle chassis• Raise lift to ‘park’ position• Switch off isolator in control box.
Main options (ssp)• Fixed internal 2 button controls with changeover switch• Wander lead with changeover switch• Hinged side ramps 390 mm deep, 500 mm or 620 mm deep• Safety gate• Foot control• Tilt Cylinders.
General InformationPlatform• Steel platform with front ramps 400 mm high• Side ramps           390 mm deep                              500 mm deep                              600 mm deep.Mechanical functions• Steel guides with high yield limit, treated and chrome – plated• Tail – lift deployment and stowage under chassis by means of double extension cylinder • Tilt of platform in all position• Self-lubricating bushings and chrome-plated pins.
Hydraulic characteristics• Compact and soundproof hydraulic group, with closing seal• 2 single – acting lifting cylinders with lubrication• 2 single – acting tilting cylinders with lubrication• 1 double cylinder for tail lift deployment and stowage under chassis• Bellows for cylinder protection• Built-in-safety solenoid valves on every cylinder• Tank with air filter• Chrome – plated steel cylinder rods with high yield• Tank with air filter• Chrome – plated steel cylinder rods with high – yield• Flow adjusters compensated on all downward movements.
Controls• External control box fixed to the body• Control with no electronic components, lit for night use• Battery disconnect device with key• Two – hand use for operator’s safety• Motor with thermal safety device • Motor relay with 350 A silver pin (peak current)• Proximity switches for automatic positioning of tail – lift.
Assembly• Bolted assembly plates• For trucks and trailers – on demand, tail lifts with pre-assembled platform, controls and guides.
Product finishing• Material conforms to EC standards• Chrome – plated steel pins• Self-lubricating bushings and chrome-plated pins• Delivered fully assembled and tested, tail-lift mounted to the chassis by bolting, thus eliminating the need for welding and re – painting the semi-trailer.
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