Techflow offers effective solutions for dust control and air pollution

 In the entire cosmos, only Earth has been gifted natural resources such as air, water and soil. These resources have always been essential for development and sustenance of living organisms and life on this planet.
However, when these resources in their pure form are contaminated with other elements mixed in it; these become unsuitable for further usage. Processes like dirt washing, mixing of solubles, flushing of solids, combustion of fuels, dumping of solid wastes etc. contaminate natural purity of natural resources available.
The process of this contamination of natural resources is known as pollution. Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution are the major types of environmental pollutions. However, now there is a term formed – industrial pollution.
Industrial pollution is a pollution which takes place due to industrial processes including air pollution or water pollution. Government of India monitors these pollution through Central Pollution Control Board and State Level Pollution Control Boards.
Air pollution includes particulate and dust laden pollution. Gaseous/ odorous pollution dusts are created due to material handling, loading/unloading, cutting, blasting, polishing, welding, pulverising, grinding and similar other processes. Techflow is in the design and manufacturing of air pollution control equipment and systems since 1979. The sheer dynamism of the company’s strategic vision and mission ensures cost-effective value-added solutions for its customers. The competitive edge gets exhibited through constant technology upgradation, innovative product designing with engineering skills and proven quality products as a result. Techflow is a TUV Nord Cert certified ISO 9001: 2008 company, having a state-of-the-art machinery and workshop facility sprawled over 3.5 acres, for manufacturing different types of air pollution control equipment, accessories and turn-key systems.
The company also provides various solutions for industrial air handling, air pollution control, ventilation, dust control, pneumatic conveying, material handling and processing. It aims for maintaining efficient environment and also works towards protecting environment and creating efficient production processes.
Following are the Techflow product/ system lines offered to industries:
Air pollution control systemsDust collection systems(Pulse Jet, motorised shaker, reverse air)Centrifugal blowersPneumatic conveying systemsFume extraction systemsWet scrubbersBin aeration systemsRotary airlock valvesFlux feeding, heating and recovery systemsDown draft work tables with dust collectorComponents for pneumatic conveying systems and dust collection systems.

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