Technical Enterprises presents economical ‘handy’ lifts

Technical Enterprises, through its handy lifts, offers a more economical alternative to the scissor tables, particularly for lighter loads and other useful products as well.
 Hydraulic wall mounted lift Wall mounted goods lifts (wall mounted stackers) manufactured by Technical Enterprises, under its brand name ‘handy’ can be used to transfer the materials from basement to first floor, second floor, or even up to third floor height, especially for lighter loads up to 1,500 Kgs.
In these lifts, two parallel vertical channel masts are provided with foundation plate which can be grouted in the wall which must be strong enough to sustain the vertical and horizontal load. Push buttons are provided on the control panel for up/down motion. These are available in single phase or there phase electric supply.                                        Hydraulic highlift powered scissor lifting platformThese are designed to reach up to a height of 9 metres and are used in places where very high equipment are installed or materials/items have to be shifted from ground floor to first or second floor. Their low capacity model is used for servicing of overhead cranes. One person can handle the job by this type of lifting platform under hydraulic cushion. Electric push buttons are provided on the control panel for raising and lowering the table. Further, two limit switches are provided for limiting the raised height as well as the lowered height. 
Pallet trucksThe company manufactures hydraulic handlift pallet trucks in standard capacities of 1.1, 2, 2.5 and 3.2 tonnes and standard fork length of 900 mm, 1,050 mm and 1,220 mm. The minimum pallet gap varies from 65 to 100 mm. For special applications, pallet trucks can be tailor-made to suit customers’ requirement of capacities up to 10 tonnes, fork lengths up to 1,650 mm, and pallet gap up to 250 mm and even more. The ram and plunger used in hydraulic unit are hard chrome plated and mirror finished.  The cylinders are honed to high degree of finish.  Lifting is done by swift and easy strokes of the steering handle and lowering by pressing a foot pedal.
This makes it an ideal machine for internal handling of raw materials, components and finished products from store to shop floor, from machine to machine, from one bay to another, ultimately to loading/unloading platform and vice-versa, completely a one man show on smooth level pucca floors. Hydraulic unit has few working parts, for easy maintenance and long life. Parts are interchangeable and available of the shelf. Jet aerial maintenance platformThis is an aerial maintenance platform suitable for attending the maintenance works of lighting, overhead cranes, window cleaning etc. at high levels in workshops, warehouses or anywhere on good pucca floors.
This is available in two versions i.e. 8 metres and 10 metres lifts. It has got four outriggers for purposes of stability. Two load wheels and two steering wheels each with two ball bearings are provided. There are several vertical scissors which open while moving up and close while going down. All the controls are in the hands of the operator. The wheels are wide faced for easy pulling and pushing on good pucca floors. The net weight is very low comparing to the work done at 8-10 metres height.

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