TORNADO T2 Rotary Lobe Pump: Precisely Redesigned [May 2012]

The design of the existingTORNADO® Rotary lobe pump has been revolutionised by NETZSCH. This rotary lobe pump is even more compact, powerful and easy to service than all previous pump systems. The key element of the concept is the consistent focus on customer benefits. Greater process reliability and ease of service were the cornerstones for the generation of ideas. In line with the motto ‘no maintenance is the best maintenance’, NETZSCH completely redesigned the rotary lobe pump. The drive, geometry and attachment were reworked and further developed.
The advantage of this pump is that it can manage without any oil. It is driven and synchronised via a belt drive. The belt drive enables an even more compact design, which reduces the space required by the pump to a minimum. It is impossible to build a rotary lobe pump any shorter or lighter.
The inversion of the materials is also revolutionary: in standard rotary lobe pumps, elastomer rotors rotate in a static metal housing, which leads to wear through friction. The TORNADO® T2 rotary lobe pump turns this system upside down: metal rotors with elastomer inlays rotate in an elastomer cage, so that only metal and elastomer surfaces come into contact, which means the unit has an extremely high wear resistance.This pump has no dead space and will impress its operators even with the most extreme media, because it is not prone to either clogging or blocking and is extremely easy to clean, and has a better smooth surface.
For over fifty years, NETZSCH has served markets worldwide with its NEMO® progressing cavity pumps, TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps, grinding machines, dosing systems and accessories, providing customized, sophisticated solutions for applications in every type of industry. With a workforce of more than 1,600, ‘Pumps & Systems’ is the largest business unit with the highest turnover in the NETZSCH Group, alongside Analysing & Testing’ and ‘Grinding & Dispersing’.
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