Trane launches new water cooled chiller with AFD

 Trane’s legacy of providing innovative products, systems and services has been engineered to meet customers’ needs for the past hundred years. With the launch of the new Trane Series RTM Helical Rotary Liquid Chiller (RTHD) with Adaptive Frequency Drive (AFD), Trane brings to the Indian market a concentrate of its expertise water-cooled screw chiller and control technologies for a superior experience.
The new Trane Series RTM Helical Rotary Liquid Chiller (RTHD) with Adaptive Frequency Drive (AFD) promises to deliver superior part-load efficiencies with silent performance for the medium-tonnage, water-cooled market. It provides a wide range of applications which experience changing load demand such as commercial and office buildings, hotels, hospitals etc. RTHD with AFD achieves first-cost and on-going operational cost savings in real-world applications, based on the proven technology of RTHD, which in its fourth generation, remains one of the most robust chiller models on the market today.
It comes with Trane’s EarthWise systems that deliver responsible cooling, and sustains their performance through a full lifecycle of building services. Its advanced design enables chilled water temperature control to ±0.5 F (0.3 C), which in turn allows more precise humidity control. With smooth speed modulation resulting in low sound level at part-load, RTHD with AFD delivers quiet comfort to buildings.
The RTHD can be part of a multiple chiller system using Trane Chiller Plant Control or can be integrated in a HVAC system with a building management system such as Trane’s Tracer Summit.

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