Turbo presents bearings for radial and combined loads

 Turbo Bearings has always worked with the policy of orientation to customers’ needs and end users’ expectations. It continues to adding value to customers, through quality products like TRBs and CRBs
 In any rotating membrane of an automotive application, there is a need for a bearing, while in case of radial load of less amplitude and higher speed a ball bearing is used. But in most of the locations there is a need to use tapered roller bearing or a cylindrical roller bearing.
Tapered Roller Bearing (TRB)These bearings can carry radial or axial or combined loads of medium to heavy amplitudes. The bearing has a specialised feature of having angular configuration of all its components (Rings and Rollers) with perfectly matched angles of all the rolling surfaces. These angles converge at a common point. This feature makes its function very smooth.
These rolling surfaces also are designed with a specialised crowned surfaces, commonly known as logarithmic crowning, which enable smooth rolling action and enhanced life expectancy. These bearings are mostly used in the locations where combined loads are expected, such as wheel applications, gear boxes (with spiral, helical gear) applications etc.
Cylindrical Roller Bearing (CRB)These bearings can carry only radial loads of medium to heavy amplitudes. The bearing has a feature of having cylindrical configuration of all its components (rings and rollers) with higher smoothness on the rolling surfaces.
For CRBs also, these rolling surfaces are designed with specialised crowned surfaces, which offer the same advantages as for TRBs. CRBs mostly find their use in the locations where radial loads are expected, such as gear boxes applications etc.According to the company, its one of the major achievements has been to provide products giving good field performance with longevity of field life. To achieve this goal the company invested heavily in sophisticated or reputed quality appraisal equipment, such as, roundness and form/ finish testing machines of Taylor Hobson, UK  make and precision universal length measuring machine of Trimos, Swiss make and metallurgical microscope with Image analyser from Olympus, Japan, etc.
The company has three manufacturing units in Rajkot.  Due to ever-increasing demand from its customers, Turbo has been expanding its capacity, particularly in TRBs and CRBs manufacturing lines. The latest have been an automatic ball bearing line and an automatic roller bearing line, consisting grinding machinery from world renowned TOYO- Japan and super finishing machinery from Thielenhaus, Germany.
Turbo has also established facilities for the life-testing of the bearings for complete range of its products. It enjoys extensive customer base covering OEMs of automotive, transmission, tractors and general engineering segments. It has been serving various domestic and overseas OEMs in the above fields and endeavours to expand its customer base to many other fields.

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