Unique solutions for trouble-free T&D [May 2012]

Phoenix Contact offers future-oriented and innovative products which are being used in energy technology all over the world for more than 80 years
High system availability is extremely important for the problem-free operation of modern electrical transmission and distribution grids. Minimising downtime in the case of maintenance or defect plays an important role here. Phoenix Contact has developed a product range that is particularly adapted to network operation requirements.
Remote controlling and monitoring of transformer stations The transformer monitoring keeps the transformers running profitably by early detection of potential equipment failures. The system solution from Phoenix Contact can also collect data for commercial purpose like the AMR reading. The system acquires data, analyse it, and provide early indication remotely of a developing fault. This allows maintenance to be scheduled and corrective action to be taken to avoid failure. The risk of failure is estimated using alarm rules and detection of deviation from a reference value or threshold (e.g. temperature reading). The system is extensible (to add new functionalities and features) and scalable (to support more equipment with time).
Short circuit detection in medium voltage power grid In the power distribution network short-circuit of power line is one of the frequent occurring problems often due to several factors including human interference with the system.
To ensure the highest availability of the power to the user, it is required to rectify the system on priority and in a minimum of time. The maintenance team shall not only be able to get acknowledge of the problem but also of the location of the fault to take immediate prompt actions to make the system available.
Load monitoring and controlling of the power gridLoad management is an important factor in power grid operations and management. It is critical in case a particular section is overloaded, hence an effective load monitoring and grid controlling is required. Also such instance are important to be logged for further analysis and intimated to the maintenance personal for immediate action.
Communicative solutions for intelligent network Reliable and secure networking is the key to the success of the distributed control and monitoring applications in transmission and distribution of power. Hence Phoenix Contact offers its wide range of managed and unmanaged switches with fibre optic interface up-to gigabit speed to ensure the redundant communication between various RTU’s and to the central station and RTU’s. A complete dedicated fibre optic network provides reliable and secure communication for the complete RTU network. In case of GSM/GPRS communication requirements between RTU and the central station, the same can be achieved with reliably and with security of data using the GSM/GPRS modem with VPN connectivity and firewall on board. The extensive range of unmanaged switches can be used to take care of the local networking at the RTU level.
The system offers optimum functionality and security due to its scalability and modularity. Hence ensures a cost effective solution to the user. Also the solution offered is future proof as the solution can be expanded to adopt the changes required in the future based on the increase in demand for the functionality. The router and firewall system from Phoenix Contact offers highest level of security and cost effective reliable networking whether customer chooses to go with wired or wireless.
The IT powered class 100 controllers from Phoenix Contact can be used in all the RTU applications as explained above. The various features like FTP server , Web server, OPC, ODP, SMTP , integrated GSM/GPRS modem and many others provides the flexibility to the customer to have a minimum total cost of ownership.

Constant monitoring of energy sources and load currents

Communication via standardised protocols IEC 60870-5-101 and -104

Simple parameterisation of tele-control station integrated web server on the control

Future-proof solution, thanks to a simple enhancements.
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