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India can become a global manufacturing hub provided it uses its resources systematically
 Dirak is into the production of mechanical and electronic hardware, particularly latches, locks, hinges and handles. It has been providing customer oriented designs. Dileep Kumar analyses the need of developing skill sets and improving infrastructure in order to grow Indian manufacturing sector.
Do the needfulIndia has a workforce of 440 million people below 34 years of age. Moreover, labour cost is comparatively cheaper as well. Therefore, India can become a global manufacturing hub provided it uses its resources systematically. For the purpose, some needful things should be done. Infrastructure and power are two major areas where India needs big improvement. Secondly, developing skill sets to improve the quality of workforce needs attention.
Today’s concerns Non-availability of skilled workforce is a major concern. Further, manufacturing sector faces many problems due to shortage of power, so continuous power supply is essential for reliable manufacturing. High capital borrowing cost is also an issue that needs to be considered.
Attention from govt Manufacturing sector needs lot more attention from the government. It needs to address the issues considering the long-term benefits to the country. Starting with the difficulties in land acquisition to clearances from different government bodies, manufacturing industry needs support. Hence it must simplify policies like land acquisitions and environmental clearances.
Though there is a large workforce in India, present skill sets are not even near to the required levels. And of course, improved infrastructure and power supply find themselves on topmost priority in order to excel in manufacturing. These things need attention by the government.
Dirak’s growth pathDirak India is certainly on a growth path. It has already started its manufacturing operations in India. The company hopes that in the period of three years, Dirak India will be a major manufacturing and R&D hub for Dirak group.
Dirak is committed to delivering products that meet market expectations and be a part of the infrastructure development in India. The company believes that its presence in Indian market will significantly improve in near future.
Dirak is designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative, quality latching, locking, gasket and hinging systems. It is into enclosures for process control and energy distribution, industrial machinery, HVAC, networking and IT, data centre security, medical apparatus, food processing machinery and tunnel security. Its product range includes swinghandles, quarter-turns, latches, hinges, handles, gaskets, fasteners, multipoint systems, and other complementary products.
Dileep Kumar, MD, DIRAK India

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