VAG offers useful product range for wastewater treatment

Functional and technical expertise coupled with industry knowledge makes VAG the correct choice for quality valves requirement
 VAG Group is a well known Germany based company for manufacturing of quality valves and solution providers for water and wastewater applications. VAG has its presence in India since 1950s when VAG supplied huge number of valves directly from Germany to Rourkela steel plant, TATA iron and steel company, Vizag steel plant etc. VAG established its manufacturing facility at Hyderabad in 2008 and achieved ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications.
VAG product range for wastewater includes butterfly valves, knife gate valves, soft seated gate valves, air valves, slice gates/penstocks and non-return valves.
VAG FLOWJET PE automatic air valveWastewater pipe lines – Optimum pressure conditions in the pipeline network The VAG FLOWJET PE automatic air valve combines the proven VAG DUOJET heavy duty technology with a functional design suitable for wastewater. Due to the use of corrosion resistant, incrustation free synthetic materials, this technology also becomes fit for use with wastewater.
As the realisation of conventional wastewater concepts is costly, more and more network operators decide to dispose of wastewater by pressure drainage via inexpensive pipelines with small nominal diameters.
In wastewater pressure lines, VAG FLOW-JET PE automatic air valves fulfil important functions in the protection of pipeline network. Its body is made of incrustation free and corrosion resistant polyethylene. These valves prevent gas from accumulating at high points.
VAG ZETA knife gate valveWastewater pumping stations – Pump protection has priority The VAG ZETA knife gate valve in fully flanged design has a smooth and unobstructed flow passage which prevents the risk of deposits. Wherever necessary, wastewater pumping stations bridge differences in altitude, sometimes in the form of coupled stations. They convey wastewater from separated or combined sewage systems to treatment plants via pressure pipeline networks and sometimes cover several kilometres.The heart of such plants is pumps. This is why VAG has also been developing pump protection valves for many decades. Especially in the field of wastewater, the VAG LIMU-STOP non-return valve is used, as even in small nominal sizes it is suitable for media containing suspended solids.
For inspection purposes, the VAG ZETA knife gate valve is installed. Further typical valves in wastewater pumping stations include VAG KOS gate valves, various knife-gate valves and penstocks, and as is the case in almost all areas of water and wastewater technology a special type of the resilient seated VAG BETA 300 gate valve.
VAG HADE flap valveWater treatment plant outlets- Preventing return flow in outlets
Due to the use of very sturdy materials, the VAG HADE flap valve is suited for wastewater treatment. It can be attached by anchor bolts, plugged in or connected with flanges and thus covers a wide range of applications.
Modern wastewater treatment involves a sequence of coordinated steps: mechanical clarification, biological clarification, final clarification and treatment of the sludge produced. Afterwards, the purified water is discharged into adjacent rivers or other bodies of water mostly via submerged outlet pipes of the treatment plant.
VAG HADE flap valve opens at low differential pressure and is corrosion resistant and maintenance friendly due to its rugged materials. At counter-pressure, the vertical or slanted disk closes automatically and thus prevents return flow. It is also suitable for outlets, both above and below the water level. 

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