Valvoline: Committed to the safe operation of mininge quipment

Valvoline: Committed to the safe operation of mininge quipment
Lubricant costs can be as little as 1 – 2 per cent, but is has a huge impact in controlling total ownership cost. The quality lubricants can help to reduce maintenance cost and increases uptime of the equipment, which substantially reduces the total ownership cost
Mining machinery faces the toughest terrains and operating conditions. All mining equipment such as drilling machines, air compressors, motor graders, dozers, hydraulic excavators, bucket wheel excavators, rope shovels, electric power shovels, drag lines, wheel loaders, surface miners, crawler tractors, tipping trucks, scrappers, dumpers, articulated trucks, continuous miner, shearer, long wall equipment, batching plant, conveyor belt, crushing and screening machine etc. are subjected to extremely harsh conditions like extreme cold or heat, moisture, overloading, continuous running, frequent start-stop, rough terrains, dust and dirt etc. This tough operating and environmental conditions can adversely impact lubricant performance, and lead to premature equipment failure.
Lubricant costs can be as little as 1 – 2 per cent, but is has a huge impact in controlling total ownership cost. The quality lubricants can help to reduce maintenance cost and increases uptime of the equipment, which substantially reduces the total ownership cost.
Valvoline offers a complete line of lubricants e.g. engine oils, greases, hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, gear oils and other lubricants for mining application. Most of the Valvoline lubricants have been tested, and are proven to improve efficiency and life of equipment. Some of the key products are:
Heavy duty diesel engine oil Premium Blue Plus 15W40• Most advanced diesel engine oil in India on date. Exceeds API CI-4 Plus specification.• Outstanding soot handling capability control viscosity in use and enhances engine life• Excellent valve train wear control reduces engine maintenance cost• Unparallel TBN retention capability increases oil service life• Improved shear stability characteristic improves engine protection.
ProFleet 10W40• Long life premium quality full synthetic diesel engine oil• Suitable for BS-I, II, III & IV engines fitted with EGR & SCR exhaust after treatment systems (not suitable for DPF)• Exceeds ACEA E4-08, E7-08 and most of the OEM specification of same level of performance. Approved by Scania, Daimler, MAN, Deutz and Volvo.• Outstanding soot handling capability keeps viscosity under control, protect critical component from abrasive wear and enhances engine life.• Very good TBN retention characteristic protects engine component from corrosion, clean internal hot engine components from deposition, and extends oil service life.• Excellent oxidation stability extends oil service life.• Outstanding shear stability improves engine reliability• Recommended for extended ODI.
Transmission fluidUNITRAC FR III• An Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) suitable for most of the manufacturer’s equipment like John Deere, Volvo etc.• Recommended for use in hydraulic system, final drives, transmissions, differentials, wet brake systems, PTOs and hydrostatic drives.
Gear lubricantsGEARGARD Super Series • Meets API GL-5 Specification• Recommended for heavily loaded non synchromesh gear box & bearings• Available viscosity grades are SAE 90, 140, 80W90 and 85W140.
Hydraulic oilsAW EHVI Oil• Wide temperature range hydraulic oil, meets DIN 51524 Part III Specification• Excellent system response due to maintained viscosity irrespective of weather and operating temperature• Extended service life due to superior base oil quality which gives excellent oxidation & thermal stability• The shear stable viscosity modifier enhances durability of hydraulic system.
Pneumatic tool oilRock drill oil• High performance lubricants for reciprocating and rotary pneumatic tools• Good EP and anti-wear properties extend equipment life• Emulsifying and formation of tenacious protective film ensures lubrication even in presence of moist air, and ensures excellent protection against rust and corrosion • Good adhesiveness ensures reduced oil consumption.
Radiator coolantKoolant concentrate heavy duty• Balanced formulated anti-freeze engine coolant meeting JIS K-2234-94, Class 2 and recommended for heavy duty diesel engine cooling system • Protection against corrosion to cooling system metals including aluminium • Environment friendly.
Koolant ready to use• Meets JIS K-2234-94, Class 2 • Pre-mixed with de-mineralised water and is ready for use • Protection against corrosion, cavitation and deposit formation.
GreasesValvoline  BB EP L2 grease • Lithium grease• Excellent water resistance• Good mechanical stability and pumpability• Suitable for wide temperature range 20° C to 120° C.
Compressor applicationSpecial compressor oil 68• Recommended for screw and sliding vane compressor• Extended service life due to excellent oxidation and thermal stability• Improved equipment protection.
Valvoline POST oil analysis programIn today’s highly competitive market place, equipment owners are looking for more tools to keep their equipment “on the job and out of the shop”. Valvoline POST oil analysis programme helps equipment owners achieve this very objective. Equipment owners now can find out what’s happening inside the equipment and stay one step ahead with the Valvoline POST Oil Analysis Program.               Simple procedure: Send samples to the Valvoline lab and receive detailed results, expert analysis and recommended actions• POST gives a comprehensive report on oil samples tested periodically • POST software is equipped to provide trend analysis on various oil parameters to highlight the performance of the equipment • Identifies potential problems before they lead to costly downtime or reduced performance• Decreases down time by detecting contaminants early • Helps in optimising oil drain intervals by monitoring fluid quality and condition.
Author:Sandeep Kalia, CEO, Valvoline

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