With global acceptance of Indian products, foreign markets are opening up

How were you able to indigenously produce high frequency dielectric pre-heaters, induction heating equipment, induction capsealers and SigmaWeld Welding Inverters?
The company was established by two technocrats, R. B. Singh (Ex-Senior Scientist TIFR) and S.V. Chinoy (B.E BITS Pilani) in 1974. During those days most of the power electronic equipment were imported, and it was difficult to source and service these products. Therefore, Electronics Devices decided to indigenously develop and introduce such import substitute products for the Indian market.
Over the years the focus of the company hasn’t changed. We have successfully designed, developed and introduced products like Di-electric Pre Heaters, Induction Heaters, Induction Capsealers and SigmaWeld Welding Inverters. This is due to a very strong bias for research and development and understanding the needs of the customer. We work very closely with customers to ensure that the product developed is suited best for the Indian conditions and working atmosphere.
What factors stimulated the growth of the company?
In adherence to our ‘Serving the customer with the right technology’ philosophy, the company’s design team has been introducing indigenous, innovative and customized solutions based on power electronics. 
Our RnD and Marketing team is focused on bringing the latest technology into our products to serve our customers with better products. Today all our equipment are leading brands in India and we export these machines to more than 44 countries across the globe.
Our dedicated Customer Care team ensures that the machines have maximum uptime. We have our after-sales service team across the country to help reach our customers’ needs. The company has a strong team for failure-analysis and corrective action that has helped achieve near zero-defect products.
It works in close association with customers for attaining better understanding of the end-user’s needs. The customer service department is staffed with qualified and experienced people. For the above reasons Electronics Devices products are accepted across
the globe.
What is the export market potential for the products, and which are the lucrative international markets?
The Electronics Devices customer list is diverse and includes many reputed multi-national companies the world over. Earlier African markets were the most lucrative and popular with Indian OEMs. However, with changing technology and global acceptance of Indian products, European and American markets are opening up very well.
Which are the industries you serve with your products?
With our diverse product range like Induction Heating, Induction Cap Sealing and SigmaWeld Welding Inverters, we cover almost all industries from Automobile, Ship Building and Repairs, Infrastructure, Heavy Engineering, Food, Pharma, Cosmetics, Lubricants, Refrigeration, Fabrication, etc.
How modern is your machinery/equipment to produce innovative products to meet the needs of today’s market?
We are equipped with all major modern instruments such as multi-channel digital oscilloscopes, high accuracy multi-meters, meggers and high-voltage testing stations, function generators, pyrometers, LCR meter, temperature controlled ESD protected  soldering stations, etc. 
We have facilities for generating schematics as well as layouts for our PCB designs. We are in the process of creating a facility for simulation activities. It has MATLAB, SABER, P-Spice and MAXWELL software packages. We have a team of draftsmen to take care of 2D and 3D modeling, simulation. Normal autoCAD drawing is used for the purpose of fabrication.
Furthermore, the company is located close to various laboratories for standardization purposes. ERTL (W) is an internationally accredited, nationally owned organization for product testing (this includes functional, safety, EMI/EMC and environmental), and is located at a distance less than a kilometer away. It has the facility for complete product testing for CE marking and also for UL approvals. IDEMI, R&D IIT and SAMEER are also located within the vicinity of 5 km. We regularly utilize their services for product testing and ‘CE’ Certification, etc.  
How vital is the role of R&D department in manufacturing and maintaining quality of the products?
Electronics Devices gives utmost importance to Research & Development (R&D); since its inception. A full-fledged R&D department with sophisticated instruments and simulation facility has been created. The R&D team is well-qualified and has presented technical papers in international technical conferences. Our R&D team can provide solutions for any demanding need.
Over the last 34 years, the company has also grown enormously to face the growing global challenges. We have introduced various products to suit the industry. All the products have been designed and tested in-house and have been accepted globally. Thanks to our RnD efforts, the journey from the old equipment to an era of micro-controller-based sophisticated products has been smooth and satisfying.
How important is the customer in your scheme of things?
It is our business philosophy to ensure total customer satisfaction by not only providing right solution but also ensuring timely post sales services. All our products have been designed and developed keeping the customers needs in prime focus. Our products and features are designed to be eco-friendly, energy savers and to make working easy, comfortable and non-skilled.
Which are the products you launched recently?
Our RnD team has developed three unique equipments for this year. We have designed India’s first 300KHz High Frequency Induction Heater for growing needs of the automobile sector. This equipment replaces the old electron tube technology for very small case depth induction hardening and brazing applications. It makes the equipment much lighter, portable and energy efficient than the Electron Tube version. We have developed and launched a complete range of High Speed Air Cooled Induction cap sealers which can seal up to speeds of 600 to 800 bottles per minute. These equipment are designed for meeting the growing needs of high speed cap sealers in developed countries. Our SigmaWeld Welding Inverter range has been enriched by introducing the complete range of Constant Current , Constant Voltage (CC/CV) welding inverters up to 400 Amps capacity. We will also be launching very light weight, high duty cycle 150 Amps welding inverter weighing approximately 6 to 8 kg in the upcoming exhibitions in January and February 2010.
What are the company’s future expansion plans?
We plan to grow by 30 to 40 per cent every year by introducing new products each year. New markets in export segment are expected to mature within the next 3 years adding to the growth.  A full-fledged dedicated automation department is under planning stage where we for see significant growth levels.
How significant has been the company’s contribution to the industry since its inception?
We at Electronics Devices have been instrumental in the development of products which were not made in India earlier. Di-electric Preheaters and Induction Cap Sealers, we were the first in India to introduce these products. Similarly, we have developed many innovative applications based on these products which were not thought of earlier. There are many First Time in India and few first time in the world applications developed. We have been continuously developing products which are world-class and available in Indian prices for the Global market.

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