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Human-centric robotic automation for smart factories & warehouses

Human-centric robotic automation for smart factories & warehouses

November 30, 2023 2:19 pm

According to Anuj Kapuria, founder and CEO, Novus Hi-Tech pioneers advancements in smart manufacturing and logistics with innovations that redefine industry norms, integrate cutting-edge robotics and enhance productivity while ensuring safety and precision.

Our contribution to smart manufacturing and intra-logistics.
Novus Hi-Tech is dedicated to serving various industries by providing precise solutions in smart manufacturing and intra-logistics operations. With expertise in these fields, we cater to various sectors, including automotive OEMs, solar, paint and chemical, pharmaceuticals, construction and farm equipment, FMCG, and FMCD. Our tailored robotic automation solutions are crafted to meet the unique requirements of each industry, setting new standards for productivity, efficiency, safety and driving innovation.

Novus Hi-Tech excels in intra-logistics operations. Our focus spans E-commerce, 3PL, and retail, where our warehouse automation solutions redefine how materials are handled and orders fulfilled. Autonomous mobile robots streamline operations, improving material and information flow while prioritising efficiency and scalability. At Novus Hi-Tech, our commitment to innovation and precision resonates through our solutions, establishing us as the preferred partner for industries seeking excellence in smart manufacturing and intra-logistics operations.

Innovations to enhance productivity and efficiency
In the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape, Novus Hi-Tech stands at the forefront of manufacturing advancements, introducing groundbreaking innovations to enhance productivity and efficiency. Their Mobile Production Station solution transforms traditional assembly models by employing a dynamic 2D grid network instead of conveyors. This allows mobile robots to transport products and assemble parts efficiently, swiftly adapting to changing demands.

The introduction of Novus Flow™ introduces ‘Software Defined Robots’, enabling dynamic reconfiguration through software updates. Leveraging fog architecture with Novus Drive at the edge layer ensures adaptability to evolving production needs. Further, Novus Analytics™ adds a data-driven dimension to manufacturing, offering insights for proactive decision-making and continuous optimisation through descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analysis. Moreover, the intelligent fleet management software optimises robot behaviour by orchestrating task assignments, managing traffic, and sequencing processes for maximum throughput.

The “mobile productions station solution” has revolutionised assembly and manufacturing facilities by replacing sequential conveyors with a 2D grid network. Mobile robots transport both the products and assembly parts within the network, allowing for variable process sequences and eliminating unnecessary steps. It uses 5G connectivity for high-speed communication between the central control system and mobile robots. This facilitates real-time data exchange, enhancing precision and responsiveness while enabling swift adaptation to changes on the factory floor. The integration of a human-robot interface and AI-directed layer, combined with the mobile production station solution, minimises downtime and guides workers through efficient manufacturing processes.

In essence, Novus Hi-Tech’s innovations redefine manufacturing and warehousing, emphasising adaptability, efficiency, and productivity while upholding stringent safety standards. These solutions, from agile assembly with the mobile production station to software-defined robotics, intelligent fleet management, and advanced analytics, propel manufacturing and warehousing into a future where adaptability reigns supreme. Novus Hi-Tech does not just innovate; it revolutionises manufacturing and warehousing, prioritizing streamlined operations and sustained peak efficiency.

Innovation in robotics and automation
Advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have unlocked unprecedented potential for robots. Machine learning, in particular, equips them to learn, adapt, and execute tasks precisely. This stride in AI empowers robots to continually enhance their capabilities, ushering in a new era of adaptable and agile machines.

Sensor technology and perception systems are pivotal in how robots perceive and interact with their surroundings. Advanced vision systems, such as LiDAR, are revolutionising robots’ capabilities, enabling them to undertake intricate tasks with heightened accuracy and finesse.


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The seamless fusion of cloud and edge computing is a cornerstone for robots. This integration provides extensive computational resources, enabling real-time data processing. Hence, robots with heightened responsiveness make swift decisions and computations.

Human-robot collaboration and cobots are reshaping the interaction between humans and machines. With enhanced safety features and user-friendly interfaces, this collaboration defines a new chapter where robots work alongside humans seamlessly, augmenting productivity and safety across various industries. Innovations in autonomous navigation and mobility have been instrumental, especially in dynamic environments like logistics and manufacturing. Robots can now navigate these spaces efficiently, paving the way for enhanced productivity and adaptability.

Industry 5.0 transcends the boundaries of interconnectivity, elevating collaboration to unprecedented levels. It fosters a symbiotic relationship between humans and advanced technologies. Industry 5.0 optimises production and places paramount importance on human-centric innovation, where technology amplifies human capabilities, revolutionising the fabric of work and collaboration.

Deployment of AMRs and Vision-guided robots
Novus Hi-Tech’s groundbreaking innovations with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and vision-guided robots have left an indelible mark on multiple industries, driving substantial and measurable transformations: Novus Hi-Tech’s deployment of AMRs has revolutionised material handling processes, leading to a remarkable KPI of 30percent reduction in material movement costs. This streamlines operations and translates into significant cost savings for clients.

The introduction of vision-guided robots and AMRs by Novus Hi-Tech contributes to an impressive cost and productivity upto 20 percent increase in overall productivity. The streamlined workflows, precision in task execution, and minimised downtime collectively elevate productivity across factory and warehouse operations.

Vision-guided robots ensure precision and accuracy in manufacturing, resulting in a substantial 40 percent decrease in quality defects. Novus Hi-Tech’s commitment to quality assurance is evident through these robust robotic solutions. Novus Hi-Tech’s AMRs boast an exceptional reliability rate of over 99.9 percent for enhancing safety measures. The fault tolerance and embedded safety features guarantee a secure operational environment, achieving our robotic solutions’ flawless 100 percent safety record.

Through strategic collaborations with industry giants like Asian Paints, John Deere, ITC, OLA, and leading e-commerce & 3PL. Novus Hi-Tech validates the transformative impact of its robotic solutions. These partnerships underscore its technologies’ practical success and real-world applicability in diverse and demanding environments.

Novus Hi-Tech’s solutions showcase remarkable scalability and adaptability in robotic technologies implemented across over 100 clients. The broad adoption spans diverse industries, highlighting the versatility and applicability of their solutions. In essence, Novus Hi-Tech’s autonomous mobile and vision-guided robots have significantly boosted operational efficiency, cut costs, increased productivity, ensured stringent quality standards, established key collaborations with industry leaders, and prioritised top-notch safety features. These innovations signify our commitment to delivering cutting-edge, secure solutions tailored for smart manufacturing and warehouse operations.

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