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IIoT and advanced sensors in robotics optimise production efficiency

IIoT and advanced sensors in robotics optimise production efficiency

November 30, 2023 1:49 pm

Integration of IIoT, data analytics and advanced sensors in Yaskawa’s robotics optimises production by enabling real-time data acquisition and reducing downtime. Ajay Gurjar, Director & COO, Yaskawa India, says they harness these technologies, enabling real-time control, predictive analytics, and collaborative robotics. This integration positions Yaskawa at the forefront of delivering enhanced quality in future manufacturing facilities.

What are your thoughts on the current path of the industrial robotics market in India, especially considering its expected growth rate of over 14 percent CAGR until 2028? 
The current evolution of the industrial robotics market in India is exceptionally promising. Several factors contribute to this upward surge. Firstly, industries increasingly turn to automation, with industrial robots at the forefront, to boost operational efficiency. Yaskawa’s advanced robotic technologies are meeting the demand for precision and speed across various sectors. Secondly, the manufacturing landscape in India is evolving, driven by initiatives like “Make in India,” paving the way for industrial robots to elevate productivity and uphold quality standards. 

Rising labour expenses and the need for social distancing due to recent global events have accelerated the integration of robotic solutions in factories. This ensures continual production while prioritising worker safety. We at Yaskawa remain committed to spearheading this evolution and empowering Indian industries with our state-of-the-art robotic automation solutions.

What demands do manufacturers have from providers of industrial robotics solutions, and how can these demands be met comprehensively?
Manufacturers have specific needs and desires when it comes to industrial robotics solutions. They seek holistic approaches catering to immediate requirements and long-term prosperity. Firstly, Yaskawa is adept at understanding these demands and continually strives to develop robots that optimise manufacturing processes for maximum efficiency and productivity. Secondly, flexibility and adaptability are crucial for manufacturers. Yaskawa’s commitment to providing adaptable robotic systems allows seamless integration and reconfiguration as production needs evolve. Reliability is non-negotiable, and Yaskawa’s track record of delivering sturdy, dependable industrial robots resonates with manufacturers, ensuring consistent operation with minimal downtime. Manufacturers are increasingly focused on collaborative robots (cobots) that can work alongside human workers. As a leading provider of collaborative robotic solutions, Yaskawa addresses this expectation by offering robots that enhance human-machine collaboration, creating safer and more efficient work environments.

Yaskawa India aligns with manufacturers’ expectations by prioritising efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and collaboration in our industrial robotics solutions. Through ongoing innovation and adaptation to manufacturers’ evolving needs, we ensure that our robotic technologies comprehensively contribute to the success of their operations.

How is Yaskawa India positioned in this market? What role does it play in revolutionising manufacturing with robotics?  
Yaskawa India has established itself in the market through a journey defined by innovation and adaptability. ‘Mechatronics,’ coined by Yaskawa, has become widely adopted today. Since our inception in India in 1980 with PLC and later in 1990 with AC drives, we have strategically expanded our footprint in robotics applications since 2005 to meet evolving customer needs.

Our operations now cover the entire country, positioning Yaskawa India, as a central hub for our future objectives. Guided by a dedicated team, our robotic solutions excel in applications like arc welding, spot welding, material handling, pick, pack & palletising, foundry & forging, painting, and more. These cater to diverse industries spanning automotive, machine tools, FMCG, textiles, plastics, rubber, building automation, metals & mining, healthcare, and emerging sectors.

Yaskawa India is committed to revolutionising manufacturing by offering highly adaptable robotic technologies and automation solutions. As market dynamics shift, we focus on empowering OEMs, their tier 1 & tier 2 suppliers, and system integrators with cutting-edge solutions. With strategically located sales offices in major Tier-1 cities like Gurugram, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and Ahmedabad, we ensure nationwide customer support, optimising their systems and processes. Additionally, we actively contribute to workforce skill development and the education of future generations, strengthening the market and fostering an innovative culture.


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What automation systems could further transform the future manufacturing facility to deliver improved quality?
The integration of industrial internet of things (IIoT) technology and advanced data analytics holds the key to this evolution. Yaskawa India is committed to delivering solutions that harness the potential of IIoT, enabling real-time monitoring and control of the entire manufacturing process. By interconnecting devices, sensors, and machines, we create a seamless flow of data that provides valuable insights into every facet of production.

Utilising predictive analytics, driven by artificial intelligence, enables early detection of potential quality issues, enabling proactive intervention to minimise defects. This proactive approach ensures higher product quality and reduces downtime and waste. Moreover, the collaboration between collaborative robots (cobots) and human operators creates a flexible and adaptable manufacturing environment. Yaskawa’s automation systems are designed to enhance this collaboration, ensuring precision and consistency in production, ultimately elevating the overall quality of manufactured goods. Integrating IIoT, data analytics, and collaborative robotics within our automation systems positions Yaskawa India as a leader in delivering enhanced quality in tomorrow’s manufacturing facilities.

How is artificial intelligence influencing the development of autonomous robots and its advantages?
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a driving force in reshaping autonomous robots and revolutionising industrial automation. At Yaskawa, we champion i3-mechatronics, an innovative concept introducing the Yaskawa cockpit for real-time data visualisation. AI is the cognitive foundation empowering robots to perceive, learn, and adapt in dynamic environments. This advancement boosts autonomy and decision-making, utilising AI algorithms to process sensor data for real-time navigation and adaptive responses.

Yaskawa’s autonomous robots capitalise on AI-powered machine learning, constantly enhancing and refining operations to improve efficiency across various industrial applications. The i3-mechatronics approach, ‘integrated, intelligent, innovative,’ is fundamental to our strategy, fostering an era of innovation and effectiveness. AI integration contributes to predictive maintenance, minimising downtime by anticipating and proactively addressing potential issues. Yaskawa India’s commitment to this proactive strategy ensures the reliability of our robotic systems, ultimately optimising customer productivity. The Yaskawa cockpit symbolises our dedication to integrated, intelligent, and innovative solutions, propelling industrial automation toward a new era of efficiency and excellence.

How are sensors on robots and automation technologies contributing to more efficient production and logistics systems?
Yaskawa’s commitment to delivering more efficient production and logistics systems hinges on integrating advanced sensor technologies into our industrial robots and automation solutions. These sensors serve as critical components, providing our robotic solutions’ with precision, adaptability, and heightened efficiency.

Within production systems, integrated sensors within robots facilitate real-time data acquisition, enabling precise control and monitoring of manufacturing processes. This ensures consistent quality and enhances the speed and accuracy of production lines. Advanced sensor technologies empower our robots to respond dynamically to environmental changes, optimising workflow and reducing downtime.

Sensors play a vital role in logistics in automating material handling and warehousing processes. Yaskawa’s sensor-equipped robots navigate and manipulate objects in diverse environments, streamlining logistics operations. This leads to faster and more reliable order fulfilment, decreased error rates, and overall improvements in supply chain efficiency. Sensors enable predictive maintenance, empowering our automation technologies to foresee and address issues before they affect production or logistics. This proactive approach minimises disruptions, ensuring the seamless operation of our robotic systems.

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