Imaginarium organises Live Demo in Mumbai


Imaginarium showcased India’s first commercial HP 3D Printer, the HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 printing solution on 23rd January. The company demonstrated its disruptive prototyping and manufacturing capabilities as well as outlining their go to market strategy as one of the first reselling partners of the product in India. Imaginarium is also the first customer of the system in India and the machine is installed at Imaginarium’s Additive Manufacturing facility in Mumbai.

According to Imaginarium, the HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 is one of the most user-friendly machines in the market. They would be targeting the entire manufacturing spectrum including auto, appliances, electronics and healthcare. Awareness, ease of use and the technical superiority of this technology is what Imaginarium would focus on for the coming months.

During the demonstration, a functional lock-key and a carabiner, two of the most common applications relevant in various industries, were successfully printed out at the rate of 11 seconds per layer of 80 microns. The entire process, from uploading the designs on HP build platform to final output took no more than 3 hours for 40 pieces each of lock-key and the carabiner. Presently, the material being used to print is plastic and there are plans to incorporate metals and alloys in the near future.

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