MAPP software for improved productivity

Any company aiming for smart manufacturing or preparing for Industry 4.0, a basic requirement is to have data gathering capabilities, data integration and quick analysis of the data. This is a challenge for most companies because of the disparate sources and legacy controllers from where data needs to be collected. Integration of people and the manufacturing data using the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and other software tools is the next step.

MAPP (Monitor and Analyse Plant Performance) is a modular software that gives insight to every aspect of manufacturing and helps overcome the above challenges.

At the heart of MAPP software is its ability to communicate with diverse PLCs or controllers and capture relevant data. The data can then be converted to actionable intelligence using the different modules of MAPP as per user requirements. Each module is designed to work independently or selectively grouped as per requirements for an integrated customised solution.

Reporting module

Customised reports can be generated with auto emailing facility. The reports typically consist of production summary, downtime summary, top 10 faults, O.E.E calculations etc. The reporting module can be used by any manufacturing unit or component testing facilities, that need automated reports for audit purpose, customer records etc. The reporting module is easy to configure, reports can be in.xls, pdf format.

Visualisation of data (Andon displays)

The real-time data can be displayed on large displays (LCD, LED monitors) on shop floor. This module has capability to communicate with most PLCs or controllers, standard databases, ERP systems capture real time data and display it with customised screens.

Downtime analysis module

This module allows the user to interrogate the historical data in different ways to extract trends and patterns of failures. The possibility to query data, identify weak links in system, measure the result of corrective actions taken is extremely useful.

Remote monitoring & control module

KNEO Automation’s IIoT modules can communicate with machines directly and send the required data to Cloud in a secure way. Apps make the information available on any mobile device or PC with multi-level authentication. Reporting and downtime analysis can also be done using Cloud based tools.

Production planning or scheduling module

The configurable feature makes it possible to adapt it to different industries quickly. It allows user to plan production, monitor the status of any order in real time. Real-time information from machines is fed to the scheduler and in case of delays it automatically corrects the delivery date or time not only for current order but for subsequent orders as well.

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