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Adhering to the 5 M’s of manufacturing in nesting solutions


Amanufacturer should always optimise the manufacturing M’s to efficiently run the system and to get the most productive output products. The 5M’s of manufacturing needs to be catered in order to be effectively manufacture and stay afloat in this competitive market.
SigmaNEST help to optimise the 5M’s:
• Material (less scrap, more savings)
• Motion (optimises toolpath, expensive consumable savings)
• Machine (one software for all CNC cutting machine, laser, punch, plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet, knife, router etc.)
• Manpower (use your manpower in productive ways to utilise effective man-hours)
• Management (can efficiently balance shop-floor and entire process activity with management seamlessly)

SigmaTEK Systems domain expertise:
• SigmaNEST is a comprehensive software solution for nesting, NC programming and cutting of steel sheet, plate, tube/pipe, and wood
• SigmaNEST is the leader in CAD/CAM nesting for plasma, laser, punch, oxyfuel, waterjet, router, Knife, tube/pipe and combination cutting machines
• SigmaNEST optimises material handling, inventory, machine motion, cutting speed, part tracking, estimating, quoting, and information management

SigmaNEST provides one of the best nesting solution needed in sheet metal manufacturing. It powered by industries’ most leading algorithm for superfast nesting and compact results.

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