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Gripping modules

Gripping modules

With the new SCHUNK PGN-plus-P, the major player for clamping technology and gripping systems is once again raising the bar with pneumatically powered universal grippers. The electric SCHUNK PGN-Plus-E applies the high-performance features of the pneumatic flagship directly in the area of mechatronic handling.
“Improving on proven technology” is SCHUNK’s motto for the development of the next generation of its mega-seller. Three technical innovations distinguish the newcomer SCHUNK PGN-plus-P. First, there is the improved multi-tooth guidance. By enlarging supporting dimensions between the six load-bearing shoulders of the patented multi-tooth guidance, higher moment can be accommodated and thus longer fingers can be used. In order to ensure a perfect fit, each individual base jaw undergoes elaborate manual grinding, and is individually adapted to the respective housing in the new gripper generation. Secondly, permanent lubrication is provided via the continuous lubrication pocket in the guidance. For short strokes in particular, the principle of minimum quantity lubrication particularly ensures quick and even distribution of the lubricant such that the gripper is nearly maintenance-free and its service life is extended. Finally, the SCHUNK PGN-plus-P has an enlarged drive piston area, whereby gripping force is increased and higher workpiece weights can be handled. In the first step, the new gripper benchmark is being introduced in sizes 50 to 125. Expansion to all existing PGN-plus unit sizes is planned.
Mechatronic universal geniusWith the SCHUNK PGN-plus-E, the world’s first digitally controlled mechatronic gripper with patented multi-tooth guidance, SCHUNK is applying the service package of its new pneumatic do-it-all SCHUNK PGN-plus-P directly to the area of electrical handling. Like its role model, the SCHUNK PGN-plus-E also has modified the multi-tooth guidance for the accommodation of higher moment, a continuous lubrication pocket in the guide contour, and the proven diagonal-pull kinematics with a high surface coverage in all stroke positions. The mechatronic universal gripper is powered by a brushless DC servo motor. Therefore, permanently high process stability and a long service life with minimal maintenance requirements are guaranteed. The mechatronic universal gripper makes the switch from pneumatic to electric components particularly easy: it has an identical screw connection pattern to its pneumatic counterpart, and the 24-V gripper is easily controlled via digital I/O. Up to two gripping positions can also be monitored by means of an additional M8 standard connection. The required control and power electronics are already fully integrated into the compact module, so no additional space is needed in the control cabinet – in stark contrast to most of the mechatronic modules in the market, where control units require a great deal of space and sometimes even additional control cabinets. Neither extensive mechatronic know-how nor additional programming are necessary for commissioning. Therefore, the universal gripper represents a milestone on the road to efficient, easy-to-use electric handling solutions. The gripping force of the SCHUNK PGN-plus-E can be adjusted in four levels. The grippers will initially be available in size 80 in the spring of 2016. Additional sizes are planned.
Wide accessory programBoth the SCHUNK PGN-plus-P and the SCHUNK PGN-plus-E benefit from a unique accessory program. Nearly the entire spectrum of conceivable automation applications can be implemented in reliable processes with the universal gripper modules, from machine loading in machining centres and foundries to assembly applications in the automotive and electronics industries, and even sensitive handling tasks in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. The universal grippers are equally well-suited for use in areas with high temperatures, contamination, and aggressive media, as well as for cleanrooms. On request, the modules are available with spring safety, mechanical gripping force maintenance, compensation units for compensating angular misalignment, dust-proof versions, or as special high-precision versions. In addition, a broad spectrum of sensors is available, from inductive proximity switches to magnetic switches, and position sensors. Instead of many isolated applications, users can reduce their coordination costs with the standardised gripper programme, in addition to speeding up their parts procurement process, and the SCHUNK Longlife Warranty for the pneumatic SCHUNK PGN-plus modules even enables TCO planning of the total costs throughout the entire life of a system. n
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