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High speed SPAC SQ2 cylinders for lesser cycle time


Compact size and stroke pneumatic cylinder is one of the younger technologies as compared with conventional long stroke cylinders. SPAC Pneumatic’s Short Stroke SQ2 cylinders are one of the more compact types; Available in various sizes from diameter 20 to 100 mm and up to the stroke length of 80 mm maximum. Shorter in Overall length of its kind, the space saving cylinder helps to save the machine or equipment’s overall size and make it as more compact.

SPAC SQ2 cylinders with short stroke, non-adjustable cushion mechanism helps for high speed and lesser cycle time to achieve more productivity for light weight handling industries like packaging, pharma, food, assembly lines for longer design and service life. None like many other manufacturers, SPAC supplies this type cylinder defaultly with two numbers of Poly Urethane (PU) Lip-type expandable Piston seals. These seals expand or compresses uni-directionally along with the increase or decrease of pressure to provide zero leakage performance. The same will provide better diametrical guide to avoid overhanging while applying little extra loads to withstand extra wear and tear for robust the performance with more durability. Most of the other compact cylinder manufacturer’s are providing only one Nitrile based piston seal for lighter load withstand ability.

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