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Mass Flow Controller


The mass flow meters and controllers consist of a metal body with a straight throughflow path. Two sensors are encased with stainless steel and protrude inside this bore; one is designed as a heater and the other one is designed as a temperature probe.

The working principle is based on King’s Law of the ratio between the mass flow and the heater energy. That means the higher the flow, the more energy is required to maintain the chosen.


  • Direct inline measurement principle
  • Usable for virtually every kind of gas or gas-mix
  • Mass flow measurement and control for a wide scope of applications
  • Compact and robust design
  • IP65 for full product range
  • Sensor made of stainless steel
  • No inlet pipe required
  • Measurement without moving parts
  • Customised adjustable multi-functional display: actual flow, totaliser with memory and reset, alarm, setup and much more.

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