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Mist and cool system aid for dust suppression


Suppression and controlling the flying dust in the air is important in many ways such as keeping people free from allergies and asthma, ecological damage and airborne pollution as well as reducing wear and tear on nearby expensive equipment. MREPL, a pioneer in the field of mist creation technology for industrial water cooling application for more than 25 years, have developed state-of-the art mist and cool system for dust suppression application, which reduces air pollution and minimises human hazards.

The mist and cool system create a high concentration of ultra-fine water mist of 2 to 10 microns. Due to this, dust particles get mixed with water particles, become heavier and settles down on the ground. Hence, scattering of dust in atmosphere shall be much limited. At the same time this water mist shall help
to reduce the nearby ambient temperature by 6 to 8°C.

Dust suppression for jute industries
In jute industries, or in areas of carding, drawing, and spinning, etc. where dust density is very high, the air contains micron size fibers, which are respirable. The company has installed mist and cool system for such applications in the jute industries in West Bengal.

Dust suppression for tobacco industries
It is a well-known fact that tobacco contains a variety of toxic substances such as nicotine, nitrosamines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, formaldehyde, hydrogen, etc., which are released into the ambient air during the processing of tobacco.
Workers in the tobacco industry are exposed to tobacco dust, which has allergenic and irritative effects on airways. MREPL installed mist and cool system suppresses tobacco dust and improves human lives ultimately.

Dust suppression an sand cooling in foundries
In foundries, respirable dust is a key concern for workers. M&C system is applicable for sand cooling, which can cool
sand up to temperature of ambient + 10°C and reduce batch time as well as equipment cost and energy required for sand cooling process.

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