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Mounting clamps with high retaining power


New to Elesa+Ganter’s product range of standard machine elements: Mounting clamps with swivel ball joint for precise adjustments with high stop torque for low torque power as well as the option of customer-specific adaptations.

For sometime Elesa+Ganter has offered axial ball joints under standard GN782 that are particularly suitable for smaller installation spaces. These joints can be mounted with aknurled union nut if a lower stop torque is required, while a higher stop torque can be achieved with an open ended wrench. Elesa+Ganter has now introduced the GN784 mounting clamp with swivel ball joint series for applications which require a higher stop torque.

The new mounting clamp provides a larger rotating range of 360° around the vertical axis, there by ±90°oftheposition predetermined by the swivel ball joint and ±30° of tilt angle in every position. The joint is therefore ideal for the adjustable assembly of cameras, lighting objects, air nozzles, monitors or scanners.

The swivel ball joint mounting is as easy as it is ingenious: a screw with a cone tip which is operated through an adjustable hand lever or with an internal hexagon moves the casing downwards and presses the ball into the pan-shaped base element. The high effectiveness of the clamping mechanism allows for high retaining.

In addition, the combination of the material surfaces between the ball and casing (aluminum, black–anodised) contributes to high friction within the fixed joint. For clamping within frequent adjustment the hand lever can be omitted and the internal hexagon threaded stud option used instead. GN784 mounting clamps come in four sizes, with the ball joint available in a tapped thread or threaded stud type version. Customer specific swivel ball joint connections can be supplied economically even in comparatively small unit quantities.

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