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Real Technologies offers high pressure jet component cleaning machine

Real Technologies Engineering Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of high pressure jet component cleaning machine and bin/tray cleaning machine to achieve the required Millipore value of the auto or engine components like machined castings and forgings components like, cylinder head, cylinder block, crank case, connecting rod, crankshaft, exhaust manifolds, housings, oil pumps, all type of gears, shafts, small components like fasteners, flanges etc and plastic bins/trays, tools, cutters and aerospace components etc.

So far, the company has supplied more than 375 machines and over 75 Millipore kits all over India and overseas markets.

Real Technologies offers following types of cleaning machines:
• Rotary basket or table type single stage cleaning machine.
• Cabinet type front loading or unloading cleaning machine.
• Converoysed multistage like digressing-rinsing-air blow (cold or hot air blow) cleaning machine.
• Cabinet type cleaning machine with turn over device for cylinder head and crankcase etc. Even separate oil gallery flushing machine.
• Ultrasonic cleaning machine.
• Rust preventive oil dunking machine.
• Bins or tray cleaning tunnel type and cage rotation type machine.
• Millipore equipment kit with digital weighing balance.
• Painting booths and component drying ovens.
• Coolant filtrations systems and chip conveyors.
• Oil skimmer and housing filters.

Main features of the machine
• Machine construction is in S.S.304 and base frame M.S., tank, internal piping, nozzles, external piping in S.S. etc.
• Pneumatically opening closing and closing of front chamber door.
• Triplicate filtration system strainer bag filter, paper band filter and housing filtration system.
• In one or two-tank process – dirty tank/zone and clean tank/zone.
• High pressure pump with spray pressure 18-19 kg/cm. sq. and even 45-50 kg/cm.sq.
• Liquid heating temperature 60-65 degree. (94-95 per cent clean or d.m. water and 5-6 per cent alkaline solution)
• Fume extractor for removal of fumes from the chamber.
• Belt type or disc type oil skimmer to removal oil from the solution.
• Compressed cold or hot air blow for component drying.
• PLC or relay logic-based control panel with three tier tower lamp.
• Component orientation horizontal fixture in the rotary cage with dedicated nozzle orientation with specific washing which follows drying of the component by compressed air blow and afterwards drying by manual air gun to achieve the Millipore value.


Real Technologies Engineering Pvt Ltd
Factory Address – Survey No. 14, Plot No 1 & 2
Dhadage Industrial Estate, Nanded Phata
Sinhgad Road, Pune – 411041
Cell: +91-9850579403

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