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Counterfeiters are targeting highly engineered,  high Value industrial products

Counterfeiters are targeting highly engineered, high Value industrial products

November 8, 2022 4:39 pm

According to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the estimated value of counterfeit goods could reach USD 2.3 trillion by 2022. And if you think this is only a problem in the consumer marketplace, think again, says Mukesh Arora, EGP Sales Corporation.

Counterfeiters are also targeting highly engineered, high Vale industrial products. They are no longer localised garage type operations. These days, sophisticated criminals are running highly profitable global businesses, with mass production facilities, international sales, and complex worldwide distribution networks, mainly in India. Our industry has not been immune to this growing threat—duplicate Plasma cutting consumables, viz. Nozzles, Electrodes, Swirl Ring, etc. – are seen in all regions. Be alert and smart, and keep counterfeit consumables from compromising your work and safety.

The only real bargain is real value: Protect your investment

Counterfeits are usually very close copies of the genuine, as it is easy enough to be misled. Are you getting a good bargain for your Hypertherm/ Kjellberg/ Messer Plasma parts? In contrast, these parts are responsible for the poor performance of your system and, downtime & increased Maintenance costs. In a nutshell, it turns out to be a more expensive proposition. Another trend which has been noticed for the past 3 years is that these counter-fitters are already in collaboration with a weak link of the organisation. They now aim to change the high-end Controllers of Messer or Hypertherm with cheap after-market controllers. They buy back these smart/ highend controllers at a low price to get another set of users to buy more affordable parts. Paradoxically, business owners are getting their high-end luxury cars serviced from an authorised centre at ten times the charges of the regular workshop servicing. They forget that these machines were responsible for affording these cars, which are now being looked after by unauthorised/ nefarious individuals who are neither technically nor morally equipped. 

Finally, the high-end equipment gets reduced to liability rather than an asset.


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