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High-performance multifunctional inverters

High-performance multifunctional inverters

October 17, 2022 3:22 pm

Fuji Electric launched a variable-speed drive with a maximum output frequency of up to 599Hz, supporting applications that need high-speed rotation and minimal speed and torque variations.

The Frenic-Mega G2 drives have auto-tuning functions that allow them to be used with almost any induction or synchronous motor type, using sensor-based or sensorless vector control.

Frenic MegaG2- ideal inverter for various industrial applications 

Frenic Mega G2 has a builtin braking circuit with a larger capacity. It can handle changes well by controlling the flux to keep the speed of the motor from changing too much and to stop it from shaking. It gives a faster response to operational commands, shortens the tact time per cycle, and works well in the process, even when used repeatedly. This New Frenic Mega G2 is an excellent solution for machines because it can keep the quality stable by controlling the rotational speed even when the load changes. This is done by making the speed and current responsiveness better. It supports stable operations by turning off overvoltage alarms when the load changes, even when the generator is in regenerative mode (200 V series: 0.4 to 55 kW, 400 V series: 0.4 to 710 kW). Frenic Mega is steady at low speeds and can regulate product quality variations even when the motor runs slowly, making it ideal for winding machines. It moves quickly and responds well, stabilising quality by keeping the speed of rotation constant even when the load changes. This is done by making the speed and current responsiveness better.

To serve clients in various industry verticals, Fuji Electric India constantly strives to be the ideal partner by providing knowledge, expertise, and a strong line of energy and automation solutions. 

Other specifications for the new Mega drives include- 

  • Dynamic torque vector control, with 200% starting torque at 0.3Hz. 
  • The “highest torque responsiveness to sudden load changes in its class”, minimising variations in rotational speed and suppressing vibrations.
  • Built-in braking Transistor for connecting braking resistors. 
  • Precision positioning control with eight positioning data points for pulse string inputs. 
  • An orientation function allows spindle machinery to be held in position via servo-locking after a stoppage. 
  • A PID auto-tuning function for quicker start-ups and simpler adjustment of proportional and integral gains; 
  • A load limiter that improves reliability by stopping when it detects excessive torque; 
  • Customisable logic functions with up to 260 steps that avoid the need for a PLC; 
  • The ability to use different protocols on communication cards. 
  • A built-in RS-485 terminal, as well as RJ-45, simplifying multidrop connections;
  • A choice of multi-function keypads with LED or LCDs and enhanced diagnostic functions, with optional memory card slots and Bluetooth support; 
  • The ability to monitor the drive via a PC or the keypad, reducing the need for maintenance and downtime; 
  • The ability to store alarm histories, including waveform data from before the alarms; 
  • IP55 protection for the drive’s rear cooling system, enhancing cooling outside control panels, cutting costs and saving space. 
  • Conforms to European safety standard – EN ISO 13849 – 1:2015, Cat3/PL:e IEC/EN 61800-5-2:2016 SIL3. • Strengthens the PCB coating as per IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2.

The new drives are available with 200V versions up to 110kW and 400V versions up to 710kW.

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