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InnovMetric releases PolyWorks 2023 3D metrology digital ecosystem for manufacturing organisations

InnovMetric releases PolyWorks 2023 3D metrology digital ecosystem for manufacturing organisations

May 16, 2023 6:16 pm

Polyworks integrates new root cause analysis tools into its data management solution that can automatically identify the factors that impact product quality and reduces the cost of measuring in 3D by improving the global dimensional management process.

InnovMetric, the independent software development company that empowers manufacturers of every size to transform their 3D measurement processes digitally, launched PolyWorks 2023. This new release expands the PolyWorks universal 3D metrology platform to offer a digital ecosystem integrated into the four phases of a manufacturing organisation’s global dimensional management process: product design, process design, validation, and production.

In addition to optimising the performance of 3D measurement teams through universal platform enhancements, PolyWorks 2023 further reduces the cost of measuring in 3D in three different ways:
• PolyWorks offers improved Model-Based Definition (MBD), and Measurement System Analysis (MSA) digital workflows that help manufacturing organisations minimise the number of software used within their global dimensional management process.
• The PolyWorks data management solution can now be deployed in less than 15 minutes in the cloud and be interconnected with a corporate identity server.
• Finally, PolyWorks integrates new root cause analysis tools into its data management solution that can automatically identify the factors that impact product quality.

Marc Soucy, President of InnovMetric says, “For 10 years, we have invested heavily in digital technologies, which today allow us to help our customers increase their use of 3D measurement data while reducing their operating costs. What is our secret? We digitally interconnect our customers’ platforms, such as CAD and PLM, PolyWorks, and Microsoft solutions. As a result, we can now easily provide business processes that previously required three or four different software and react in real time to problems on the production line. At the same time, our decisions are based on factual 3D measurement data. Moreover, our customers can now deploy our data management solution in less than 15 minutes, which is a breakthrough for small- and medium-sized enterprises” He concludes, “For manufacturing organisations that are still questioning the relevance of their digital transformation, the question to ask is no longer why, but when.”

Product and process design phases
The PolyWorks|Inspector™ solution helps reduce time-to-market by measuring, controlling, and analysing 3D dimensions at every product and process design phase stage. With PolyWorks|Inspector 2023, 3D measurement specialists can now set up measurement templates and perform 3D measurement tasks more efficiently. They can quickly analyse and edit large measurement sequences by finding steps using keyword searches or navigating through step types, such as errors and warnings. This solution can create curve-based features in a single click over a polygonal model of a measured piece to rapidly inspect a piece without CAD data.

Mixed reality display technologies provide localised visual guidance, measurement feedback, and access to inspection functionalities without encumbering the hands of operators. The PolyWorks|AR™ 2023 mixed reality app offers new powerful tools to guide laser scanning, review inspection results, and collaborate with colleagues. Users can now position the hologram of the PolyWorks|Inspector 3D Scene window within the operator’s field of view to see scanning progression, perform additional scanning in areas of poor data quality etc.

The PolyWorks|PMI+Loop™ Model-Based Definition solution allows manufacturing organisations to manage all the dimensional controls defined by the design and manufacturing teams within their native CAD platform. By associating dimensional controls to CAD geometries within CAD software, PolyWorks|PMI+Loop can automatically update these controls when the CAD model is modified and provide the digital traceability needed to accelerate the integration of a CAD design change within an inspection project. With version 2023, InnovMetric has improved the speed of its MBD solution by order of magnitude and significantly reduced CAD file size. PolyWorks|PMI+Loop is available for the Siemens NX, PTC Creo, and DS SolidWorks CAD platforms.

Validation phase
Measurement System Analysis tools are essential to guarantee 3D measurement processes’ capability before certifying production tools. With PolyWorks 2023, InnovMetric has improved the speed of data transfer to Excel while removing previous limitations regarding the number of dimensional controls, iterations, measured pieces, and operators.

Production phase
PolyWorks 2023 offers major evolutions to manage data from production lines and resolve manufacturing issues faster. Customers can now store up to one million pieces sampled from a production line within a single inspection project. The operators can monitor the production’s dimensional trends at a glance by displaying hundreds of charts within the PolyWorks|DataLoop™ Web Interface.

Data management
The PolyWorks|DataLoop, a data management solution, stores 3D measurement data on central servers and digitally interconnects all the people that capture or need access to 3D measurement information. With version 2023, InnovMetric has simplified the deployment of PolyWorks|DataLoop.

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