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Brighten the future of metal forming and manufacturing

Brighten the future of metal forming and manufacturing

January 18, 2024 12:01 pm

IMTEX FORMING 2024, along with Digital Manufacturing, Weld Expo, MOLDEX, and FASTNEX from 19 to 23 January at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) in Bengaluru, aims to bring together the manufacturing community from worldwide.

The Indian Manufacturing sector is thriving, and factors such as pent-up demand, export incentives, Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) schemes, resilient foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows, ease of doing business, and several other incentives are contributing to its progress. This growth will continue to lead to the demand for more manufacturing technologies and will be reflected at IMTEX.

Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association’s flagship event, IMTEX FORMING, from January 19 to 23, 2024, at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bengaluru, is the 8th edition of Asia’s leading exhibition on metal forming and technologies. The event has garnered rave response and is poised to be the largest IMTEX FORMING ever held.

IMTEX FORMING was last held in June 2022, featuring 350 exhibitors from 19 countries. The exhibition attracted 25,656 visitors from 45 countries, including trade delegations and institutional buyers. Trade delegations from 250 companies from across various industry sectors visited the show. Business orders worth around `500 crore and enquiries worth around 4,600 crore were generated, as reported on the show’s last day.

What’s more in store at IMTEX FORMING 2024

Rajendra S Rajamane, President, IMTMA, on the upcoming edition of IMTEX FORMING, said, “IMTEX FORMING 2024 offers great opportunities for manufacturing industries to capitalise on the positive business environment in the country. As most visitors to IMTEX FORMING would comprise key decision makers nurturing an intention to invest, exhibitors can have effective face-to-face business meetings”.

Jibak Dasgupta, Director General & CEO, IMTMA, shared his view, “The economic outlook in the Metal Forming sector looks promising, and IMTEX FORMING will play a catalytic role in addressing the needs of Manufacturing industries. It will be a great opportunity for all stakeholders across sectors to visit the exhibition and explore the latest technologies, products, and solutions that will mutually benefit exhibitors and visitors.”

Exhibitors at IMTEX FORMING 2024 will showcase machines, tools, and IT solutions for cutting, punching and forming, joining, welding, and fastening. Surface treatment and finishing, process control and quality assurance, machine elements and components, CAD/CAM systems, warehouse and factory equipment, material recycling, and other solutions related to the processing of metal sheets will also be on display.

Concurrent Shows

Tooltech, Digital Manufacturing, and Weld Expo will run concurrently. Tooltech 2024 will focus on machine tool accessories, forming tools, die and mould, metrology, and CAD/CAM. Digital Manufacturing will feature the latest innovations in additive manufacturing and Industry 4.0. Weld Expo will associate with the Indian Institute of Welding (IIW India) to exhibit innovations in welding and cutting. MOLDEX India and FASTNEX will focus on moulding, fasteners, and fixing technologies.

Additionally, the 6th International Congress 2024 on welding technology will be organised by IIW-India from January 22 – 24, 2024, at BIEC. The International Congress would offer a platform to young professionals in the field of welding through an exclusive Young Professional International Conference (YPIC). Around 500 delegates are expected to participate in the International Congress.


As a satellite show of Moulding Expo Stuttgart in Germany, MOLDEX INDIA 2024 is a vital platform for industry professionals to converge. It will prove a stable platform for showcasing products, gaining invaluable insights, fostering collaborations, and expanding business networks. In a dynamic trade fair, visitors will encounter extensive exhibits, enriching programs, and unparalleled networking opportunities that play a pivotal role in propelling India’s tools, patterns, dies, and moulding sector. 

With its unique fusion of traditional moulding techniques and advanced tool pattern technologies, MOLDEX INDIA 2024 spotlights tool patterns, mould making, plastic technologies, and metalworking. Aligned with the Government of India’s Make in India, FAME India (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles) in India and PLI Scheme (Production Linked Incentive), MOLDEX India offers a window into the latest industry advancements in machine tools, hot runners, software solutions, and top-tier suppliers. The exhibitors represent a wide spectrum, including tool, pattern, and mould-making, components and accessories, supply technologies, contract manufacturing, and services for tool, pattern, and mould-making. 

FASTNEX India 2024

With its dynamic manufacturing capabilities and ‘Make in India’ initiative, India is a pivotal player in the global fastener arena. The rapidly expanding automotive, construction, and engineering sectors have created a robust demand for industrial fasteners. FASTNEX India is a timely catalyst, showcasing cutting-edge products, machinery, and technologies that galvanise these sectors.  

FASTNEX is anticipated to provide entrepreneurs with new horizons and broader markets. It provides networking avenues, showcases the latest trends, offers insights, and fosters collaboration. The co-location with IMTEX Forming bridges the gap between the fastener and forming industries, propelling cross-industry partnerships and innovations. 


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The onset of new automated manufacturing techniques has made welding and joining an important manufacturing space. Welding finds acceptance among various manufacturing applications, including pressure vessels, railways, aircraft, ships, medical devices and high-volume products like automotive parts, appliances, food packaging and microelectronics. The demand for welding products across various industry verticals has been increasing daily.

WELDEXPO is happening concurrent with IMTEX FORMING, which will facilitate the exchange of new technologies, and IIW-India and IMTMA can supplement each other’s growth.

Digital Manufacturing

The Digital Manufacturing Exhibition, held concurrently with IMTEX FOMRING 2024, focuses on Additive Manufacturing & Industry 4.0. The exhibition covers innovative manufacturing technologies centred on robotics, automation, modelling, simulation, data analytics, 3D Printers and sensitisation.

Digital Manufacturing Exhibition draws visitors from across the manufacturing sectors, including automotive, aerospace, space, medical equipment, railways, energy and general engineering from private and public enterprises.


Jibak Dasgupta, Director General & CEO, IMTMA. 
“According to industry trends, near-net shape manufacturing is gaining prominence, with metal-forming industries playing a key role in this segment. The widespread growth of electric vehicles amplifies the emphasis on Forming and Welding technologies. Moreover, the Government’s investment in railways and new coach construction is boosting the sheet metal industries. Notably, IMTEX 2024 reflects trends where laser-cutting machines are increasingly utilised across various sectors.

Participation from Laser-based solutions has surged by 52 per cent compared to previous editions, with segments like Tooltech witnessing a 22 per cent growth, Digital manufacturing up by 50 per cent, and additional co-located shows focusing on moulding and fastening solutions. Some examples of machines displayed during the exhibition include fibre laser machines, precision levellers, pick and place units, servo presses, machine production monitoring systems, and 3D printing solutions. Technology highlights will include a die-forging hammer, waterjet cutting, and compact drive technology. Exhibitors will showcase reverse engineering solutions, friction welders, CNC press brakes and shears, metal scrap recycling, thermal cutting solutions, etc. Furthermore, we expect a footfall of around 40,000 visitors for the exhibition.

Digital technologies have taken centre stage in today’s manufacturing space. The quest is to enhance productivity, cut production costs, and facilitate faster customisation. The integration of cutting-edge digital advancements has enabled the gradual infusion of robotic solutions in production lines, particularly in remote or hazardous settings, automating intricate tasks. The sheet metal industry, for instance, has been using digital technologies and robotics as part of its manufacturing process to enable operators’ safety and quicker processes in manufacturing.

IMTEX, acknowledging this shift, has introduced a dedicated pavilion for digital technologies encompassing additive manufacturing, Industry 4.0, and robotics within its Digital Manufacturing concurrent show, aimed at supporting the growth of the machine tool industry. The continual advancement in digital technologies has notably enhanced task precision, improved quality control, reduced manufacturing downtime, and enhanced efficiency to meet evolving customer demands. Robotics, specifically, is employed in material handling systems for input retrieval and manipulating manufactured products. The potential demonstrated by these innovative technologies to revolutionise manufacturing processes is considerable.”

Niraj Seth, President, Amada (India) Pvt. Ltd.
“By 2030, India is anticipated to secure the position of the world’s third-largest economy, fostering demand for various products such as advanced automation, cutting-edge welding technology, and innovative press solutions tailored to meet the needs of emerging industries like Aerospace and Electric Vehicles (EVs). In addition to participating in IMTEX Forming this year, the affiliated company Amada Weldtech will exhibit its product range designed for these industries at WeldExpo, a highly anticipated event for the industry.”

Avinash Khare, Senior Advisor IMTMA, Freelance Consultant and Corporate Trainer, Ex Tata Motors
“IMTEX Forming 24 is unique due to the amalgamation of Welding, Fastnex, Moldex, and Tooltech. The goal is to provide an interesting and relevant mix of exhibits, networking, and business opportunities for a wider section of exhibitors and prospective customers. We can anticipate witnessing innovations and the advent of the latest technologies into the Indian market to enhance its capabilities, potential, and competence.

The event showcases a diverse range of cutting-edge technologies in the manufacturing sector, focusing on Industry 4.0 applications and automation in various processes such as Stamping Presses, Dies, BIW Fixtures, Press Brakes, Punch Presses, and Plate Benders. Laser technology takes centre stage with its extensive applications in cutting, welding, hardening, cladding, engraving, texturing, and metrology. The exhibition also highlights niche applications in sheet and bulk forming, emphasising welding, joining, mould making, and metrology advancements, supported by a robust software ecosystem. The comprehensive display features indigenous options spanning the entire spectrum, offering cost-effective solutions and premium technology products, making it a must-attend event for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.”

Rajendra S Rajamane, President, IMTMA
“IMTEX FORMING 2024 presents excellent opportunities for manufacturing industries to capitalise on the positive business environment in the country. Since most visitors to IMTEX FORMING will include key decision-makers to invest, exhibitors can engage in effective face-to-face business meetings.”

Sahajanand Laser Technology Limited, Mr. Maulik Patel, Executive Director
“The metal forming industry has experienced a recent surge and is currently integral to various other sectors. Even small fabricators are adopting laser technology, marking it the latest trend in metal forming businesses and a highly viable solution. Laser technology has significantly enhanced production speed while substantially reducing manufacturing costs. IMTEX is regarded as one of the most eminent exhibitions in the metal forming industry, offering abundant opportunities and garnering considerable attention in the machine tools and technology community. It enjoys extensive coverage globally and attracts participants from various industries.”

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