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Manleo is Showcasing its High Precision Make in India Probes & Tool Setters at IMTEX

Manleo is Showcasing its High Precision Make in India Probes & Tool Setters at IMTEX

January 16, 2023 5:31 pm

Indian based company Manleo, manufacturer of Precision Probes & Tool setters for CNC Machines is demonstrating its range of high accuracy & rigid Probes and Tool Setters at upcoming India’s largest machine tool exhibition IMTEX 2023.

The company is showcasing its proven 3D DATUM FINDER and OPTO Z. The exhibition starts on 19th of January in Bangalore and will continue till 25th January.


The rigid, accurate and affordable work offset Probe from Manleo has revolutionized the reference taking process for MSMEs. The Indigenously developed Kinematic Probe delivers all of the needed measuring features and functions in a user friendly, consistent and affordable way. Built for Indian operators and Indian operating conditions, Manleo’s Probes are so rigid, they remove fear associated with Probes in general and give confidence to even operators with low skill or experience to use them in their day to day setting and reference measurements. Micron level accuracy of Manleo Probes is proved and accepted by customers across industries like Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Defence, Pharma, Dies & Moulds, Heavy Engineering, Tool rooms.

Contrasting most Probe designs, the rigid structure of 3D DF resolves all of those common inhibitions associated with Probing such as being sensitive, not suitable for small companies, requires a huge investment and white elephant to maintain if broken or damaged. Rigidity is a key design element which has been proven on Manleo products for now over 25 years. The choice of materials for the basic structure of our probes is made in order to guarantee this fundamental design criterion. During IMTEX, Manleo will be launching wireless and wired automatic versions of this Probe suitable for specific industries and specific applications.


Over a year old OPTO Z and OPTO Z MINI, is the expression of Manleo’s20+ years of innovative technology. Based on key construction concepts which have always tried to be copied but never equalled, the OPTO Z Tool setters line introduces new levels of efficiency, ease of use and precision in the tool pre-setting and measuring world.

The sturdy and solid design and vast number of custom cycles available, offer the right solution for every Tool measuring need guaranteeing at the same time full compatibility in the future as your company’s needs grow. The solid design together with excellence in manufacturing and operator friendly macro cycles, eliminates the need for frequent recalibration or maintenance and is more of a fit and forget; guaranteeing the precision and repeatability year after year. During IMTEX, customised versions of Opto Z will be launched by Manleo Designs that will address Pallet applications in VMC, HMC as well as cases where Fixture occupies entire table.

Manleo Designs in headquartered in Bangalore, and is headed by Mr. Abhijith Bhat (MD) and Ms. Rashmi  Gururaja Rao (Director). Mr Abhijith Bhat says, “Manleo is on a mission to take Indian manufacturing to <10 microns through our affordable and reliable Probes & tool setters”.

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