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Bioremediation, revolutionising waste water globally


With rising population and depleting water resources, waste water treatment is no longer an optional. Most developing countries struggle to keep a balance between inadequate water supply and increasing water demand for industrial, agricultural and domestic purposes. A country like China generates more than 20 billion m 3 of effluent yearly. Hence, it is imperative to find innovative solutions for waste water treatment.

Lack of appropriate technology for treatment of industrial effluent further pollutes the fresh water sources. Governments across the globe have woken up to this fact and have allocated huge amounts to reap the desirable results. Government of countries as small as Uruguay has allotted $100 million dollars for innovation in the realm of waste water treatment.

Biological plants form the heart of ETPs (Effluent Treatment Plants). Bioaugmentation of industrial effluent is a new age technology revolutionising waste water globally. Commissioning of plants with right microbial mix accounts for 5 per cent of the OPEX costs but leads to 85 per cent reduction in pollution parameters.

Unlike the physio-chemical methods, which are costly and damaging to the environment, bioremediation provides a cost-effective and safe alternative for waste water treatment. Specialised consortium of microbes can aid in degradation of complex recalcitrant compounds too, thereby helping the industries to meet the norms laid down by Central Pollution Control Board.

Initially, some industries used cow manure as a source of microbes. However, the use of manure was associated with increased pathogenecity and ineffective treatment of waste water

Organica Biotech solution
Effluent treatment plants are dynamic systems possessing diverse nature of effluents. Such capricious conditions demand robust cultures which not only thrive in such challenging conditions but also aid in lead to degradation of complex organic compounds.

Backed with rich research expertise, Organica Biotech has developed specialised range of waste water treatment solutions. Currently, these solutions have remediated over 2000 industries and 200 water bodies, and are exported to 48+ countries.

The pioneering technology, packaged with the goodness of nature, is embodied in “Cleanmaxx” series of products. Cleanmaxx is tailor-made to suit the demands of all types of industries and municipals. This highly concentrated formula can maximally reduce COD and BOD levels, sustain high TDS levels, reduce ammoniacal nitrogen levels and colour intensity of the effluent. The heterogeneity of microbes in Cleanmaxx ensures maximal degradation of diverse organic wastes.

Cleanmaxx hails microbes from GRAS (generally regarded as safe) category and are completely safe for animals, plants and humans to handle. As the microbial consortium can also work at low dissolved oxygen (D.O) levels, the energy demands of a plant are lowered; thereby assuring guaranteed reduction in CAPEX and OPEX COSTS of the wastewater treatment plant.

India is massive country harbouring erratic climatic patterns. These conditions deter the growth of microbes in the biological section of effluent treatment plants. Microbes in Cleanmaxx are highly effective and possess the ability to thrive even in most challenging environmental conditions. These confer stability to ETP plants and ensure the smooth, all round functioning of effluent treatment plants.

Authored article by:
Shruti Dumbhare
Account Manager
Organica Biotech

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