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Die Lubrication in Hot Forging & Plunger Lubrication in Aluminium Casting


Hot forging process is performed at extreme high temperature (up to 1250-degree C for steel, 360-degree C to 520-degree C for Al-alloys, 700-degree C to 800-degree C for Cu-alloys). These temperatures are necessary in order to avoid strain hardening of the metal during deformation.

Die lubricant acts as an important role in hot forging, making forging process possible. Hot forging done mainly on forging presses and hammers. Depending upon application, profile and metallurgy of forging component die lubricants can be divided into two major categories: water-based and oil-based. Both types again divided into two sub-categories – with graphite and without graphite.

A perfect die lubricant must:
• Avoid sticking of forging component in die cavity
• Reduce forging load
• Provide better surface finish
• Maintain proper die temperature
• Give higher die life
• Be user friendly
• Be economical.

Major types of die lubricants
Water based graphite lubricants: It’s a suspension of ultra-fine graphite powder with water add on with special additives. It’s a most popular and highly consumed type of die lubricant. It can be sprayed, brushed or can be used by manual swabbing. This is a best type of lubricant for heavy and critical press forging operations. It gives higher dilution ratios with water, provides low per tonnage lubrication cost and gives excellent die life.

Water based non-graphite lubricants: These are special water-soluble polymer-based lubricants. They contain no graphite thus they keep working are clean. These lubricants are best for shallow cavity dies. These lubricants are having excellent cooling and lubrication properties and proven cost-effective solution.

Oil based lubricants: These are basically suspensions made with base oil or vegetable oil add on with graphite and special additives as per forging process lubrication demand. Some grades come without graphite also. These lubricants are having excellent release properties and provide better material flow. These lubricants can be used in deep cavity hammer forgings, heavy stainless-steelforgings, critical brass and aluminium forgings, and deep extrusions.

About Sunlube India Pvt Ltd
Incorporated in 2012, Pune-based Sunlube India Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers that offers a wide range of die lubricants for forging and die casting industry. “We are driven by innovation and dedicated to provide better and high-end solutions. Manufactured under the brand name ‘SHINE’, our products are high in quality and lowest in cost,” informs Sandeep Gaikwad, Managing Director, Sunlube India.

Sunlube’s range of products:
• Water based graphite and non-graphite forging lubricants
• Oil based graphite and non-graphite forging lubricants
• Die coats for PDC applications
• Dry plunger lubricants (graphite beads) and dispensers
• Spray guns and spraying equipment.

Super-speciality products offer by Sunlube
High performance water based hot forging die lubricants with graphite: This product is based on fully defoliated graphite in water. A special milling technique is used for delamination of the graphite crystal. During the manufacturing the micro crystals are mechanically shaped and dispersed until they reach nano thickness. This product range is very effective for carbon steel, aluminium and titanium forgings.

Graphite beads and dispensers for aluminium pressure die castings: Graphite beads are basically for dry plunger lubrication for the improvement of the life of the plunger and shot sleeve. The moment the beads start melting inside the shot sleeve, they become liquid and start spreading and penetrating the cavity between the plunger and sleeve, ultimately improving lubrication.

Graphite beads dispenser is a dosing machine used to dispense desired quantity of graphite beads inside shot sleeve. It is equipped with a technologically advanced dosing head, providing extremely accurate process assurance.

Sunlube’s manufacturing unit is located in Ahmednagar MIDC and sales office is in Pune. It has dealer and distributor network in Aurangabad, Rajkot, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Rudrapur.

Sandeep Gaikwad,
Managing Director
Sunlube India Pvt Ltd
B-107, World Of Mother, Jai Ganesh Vision,
Akurdi, Pune, Maharashtra – 411035
Tele: +91-20-46701934
Mobile: +91-8554908888

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