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iglidur K230 for smart plain bearing designs


If the user is looking for a safe lubrication-free bearing, then igus, in addition to the extensive catalogue product range for cylindrical standard plain and bearings, offers the so-called clip and flanged bearings. These are used because of their ease of installation and design, especially in sheet metal feedthroughs. In order to withstand high edge loads even under extreme conditions, igus has now developed a new material. The company igus introduces tribo-plastic iglidur K230, especially, for lubrication-free and maintenance-free clip and flanged bearing. This wear-resistant material is highly elastic, chemical resistant and withstands moisture influences.

High elastic material for easy installation
The lubrication-free material iglidur K230 is highly elastic and flexible, making it ideal for flange and clip bearings. Extensive tests in the in-house igus laboratory also show that the high-performance plastic newly developed by igus fits seamlessly into the best iglidur standard materials in terms of wear resistance. It absorbs moisture only in extremely small quantities and has a very good universal media resistance. It can even be used for applications with humid environment. The new material can also demonstrate its advantages in applications with high temperatures of up to 130 degrees Celsius. Initially, igus offers the material iglidur K230 especially for clip and flanged bearings in customized designs. On request, the flexible material is also available as plain bearings in standard sizes.
Sheet metal feedthroughs are safely mounted even under extreme conditions with the quickly installed iglidur K230 lubrication-free clip and flanged bearings.
(Source: igus GmbH)

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