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Measurement technologies fuelling manufacturing efficiency 

Measurement technologies fuelling manufacturing efficiency 

November 30, 2023 12:54 pm

In the ever-evolving industry and technology, integrating advanced measuring instruments is a hallmark of progress. These tools and emerging technologies like IoT, 5G, and intelligent sensors have reshaped how we approach efficiency, sustainability, and operational excellence across various sectors.

Testing and measurement technologies are crucial in enhancing manufacturing operations’ efficiency. The science of metrology reigns supreme, ensuring reliability and traceability. The infusion of artificial intelligence and machine learning into temperature control systems signifies a shift towards unparalleled efficiency, sustainability, and reliability in industrial processes. Smart sensors and IoT connectivity, bolstered by wireless communication technologies, drive real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and streamlined analysis, contribute significantly to enhanced system performance.

Advanced measurement tools facilitate the analysis of energy consumption, facility management of temperature and pressure, and specific improvements in effectiveness. Additionally, easy-to-use interfaces reduce mistakes, while compliance checks guarantee safety and efficacy. Continuing technological progress sees artificial intelligence and machine learning becoming integral to temperature control systems, marking a significant change. These advancements empower industries to attain the utmost efficiency, sustainability, and dependability across different operations. As smart sensors and the Internet of Things merge with wireless communication tech, real-time monitoring capabilities receive a substantial boost.

IoT and smart sensors redefining systems
Sensors play a crucial role in optimising the efficiency and functionality of HVAC systems, providing instant data and insights that help these systems operate smarter and more adaptively. Karn Chaturvedi, the General Manager of Professional Services at 75F, highlights sensors’ significant contributions to system efficiency and the associated benefits. Sensors like those for temperature, humidity, and occupancy empower HVAC systems to regulate indoor environments precisely. By accurately measuring these factors, the systems can adjust heating, cooling, and ventilation rates to maintain ideal comfort levels while minimising energy wastage.

In industrial settings, indoor air quality sensors detect pollutants, CO2 levels, and particulate matter, enabling HVAC systems to modify ventilation rates and enhance air quality. Improved air quality positively impacts occupant health, boosts well-being, and elevates productivity. Sensors also facilitate remote monitoring and control, allowing facility managers to access real-time data, make necessary adjustments, and diagnose issues from a distance. This leads to more efficient operation and reduced maintenance costs. Advanced sensors contribute valuable data for predictive maintenance models, allowing proactive servicing or repairs, reducing downtime, and prolonging equipment lifespan.

Integrating IoT and intelligent sensors for system monitoring has transformed analysis, maintenance, and real-time adjustments. IoT-enabled smart sensors offer real-time monitoring of critical parameters like temperature, humidity, and pressure, simplifying on-site performance analysis, generating reports, and sharing insights. These measurement tools seamlessly connect with smartphones, enhancing user convenience. The user-friendly interface of these tools streamlines data comprehension, enhancing effectiveness, comfort, and sustainability while cutting down on energy usage and maintenance expenses.

Remote monitoring technologies
Advanced remote monitoring and control technologies are reshaping the future of new systems. They provide real-time insights into system performance to address maintenance needs and issues proactively. This eliminates errors and delays, boosting operational efficiency. The remotely gathered data also supports comprehensive analytics, fostering smarter system designs and eco-friendly practices.

Digital technologies like IoT offer real-time monitoring of equipment and production processes in manufacturing. Gaurav Bawa, Sr. Vice President at WIKA India, underscores how IoT sensors enable continuous data collection for instant analysis, aiding predictive maintenance. This, in turn, elevates operational efficiency and cost savings for manufacturers. Analysing this data promptly allows for proactively identifying potential issues, enabling predictive maintenance strategies that prevent breakdowns and reduce downtime. This leads to improved operational efficiency, heightened productivity, and substantial cost savings for manufacturers.

Automation techniques and radiation-based measurement
When we talk about automation, we are always talking about control. Manas Phadnis, Senior Manager of Global & Strategic Accounts at VEGA India Level and Pressure Measurement, emphasises the paramount importance of control in their automation focus, which is entirely on measurement. Their unique approach involves utilising radiation-based measurements from outside processes where traditional methods aren’t feasible, using gamma sources and detectors for complex measurements as a last resort.

Advanced measurement instruments revolutionise various tasks across different environments, from temperature maintenance to HVAC monitoring, pressure, and temperature measurement. These instruments empower professionals to boost efficiency, precision, and productivity, leading to elevated performance levels. Kalidas Bhangare, Managing Director of Testo India, highlights how these tools ensure optimised processes and meticulously monitored operations in manufacturing, fostering sustainability and productivity.

The temperature and humidity measuring instruments provide precise, real-time data on indoor environmental conditions, enabling professionals to implement accurate control strategies for efficient system operation. Karn emphasises how these instruments optimise output during mild weather, reducing energy consumption by avoiding unnecessary heating or cooling. Humidity measuring instruments maintain ideal indoor humidity levels, enhance comfort, prevent mould growth, and improve indoor air quality.


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Integrating temperature and humidity sensors with occupancy sensors allows for occupancy-based control, optimising HVAC operation based on the number of occupants in specific zones or buildings. This prevents the wastage of energy in unoccupied areas. By leveraging these measuring instruments, HVAC systems can dynamically respond to changing environmental conditions, significantly improving energy efficiency.

5G’s influence on temperature measurement instruments
Incorporating 5G technology into manufacturing equipment marks a new phase of efficiency, instant monitoring, and connectivity. Its impact spans various industries, including temperature measurement tools in manufacturing. Gaurav notes how this integration promises unprecedented opportunities for enhanced operations and connectivity within temperature measurement instruments, revolutionising efficiency in manufacturing.

End viewpoint
In today’s industry, advanced measuring tools are fundamental for improving efficiency, precision, and productivity. Adopting sustainable manufacturing practices in India offers multiple benefits, including cost savings through reduced energy consumption, optimised resource usage, and minimised waste disposal expenses. Kalidas emphasises that these practices can boost a company’s reputation and foster customer loyalty while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Sensors are crucial in modern systems, enabling smarter and more efficient operations. They provide precise data, optimising heating, cooling, and ventilation while enhancing indoor air quality and lowering energy usage. This saves costs and creates a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment. Whether installing and maintaining temperature systems, monitoring indoor air quality, or measuring pressure and temperature in diverse environments, advanced measuring tools empower professionals to enhance their effectiveness, precision, and productivity. As Manas aptly states, the ability to measure is essential for effective control.

Conclusively, by leveraging data and precision through measuring instruments, industries move toward improved performance and sustainability, forging a future where innovation and optimisation work hand in hand.


Kalidas Bhangare, Managing Director, Testo India Pvt. Ltd.
“Advanced measuring instruments ensure optimised processes and precisely monitored operations in a manufacturing set-up that encourages sustainability and productivity.”

Karn Chaturvedi, General Manager-Professional Services, 75F.

“Sensors enable remote monitoring and control, allowing facility managers to access real-time data and diagnose issues remotely. This leads to efficient operation and reduced maintenance costs.”

Manas Phadnis, Sr. Manager-Global & Strategic Accounts, VEGA India Level and Pressure Measurement Pvt. Ltd.
“Control is most likely one of the most critical aspects. One of the essential things for aiding control is measurement.”

Gaurav Bawa, Sr. Vice President, WIKA India.
“Installing advanced IoT sensors on machinery enables continuous data collection on equipment performance and production processes, which manufacturers can analyse instantly.” 

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