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CNC Machines Shaping Metal Forming Technologies | OEM Update | Industry Speaks

June 8, 2023 6:22 pm

Computer numerical control (CNC) technology is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry with its ability to precisely cut, shape, and form metal parts and components. Sheet metal fabrication is one of the most popular subtractive processing methods for cutting sheet metal into parts. The demand for CNC metal-cutting machines is rising, especially in the automotive, aerospace, defense, medical devices, consumer products, and electronics industries.

The latest advancements in metal forming technologies have further increased manufacturing efficiency. The growth of automation and Industry 4.0 trends has also fueled the demand for CNC machines, as they offer higher automation and connectivity options that can be integrated into the manufacturing process. As a result, emerging economies are adopting CNC metal-cutting machines, presenting numerous opportunities for growth in this sector.

OEM Update is hosting a Zoom session on “CNC Machines Shaping Metal Forming Technologies” on April 25, 2023, at 4:00 pm to address the emerging opportunities. During this 90-minute session, industry experts will discuss the advances in digital manufacturing practices in sheet metal forming, trends in automation and Industry 4.0, and competitive challenges faced by traditional manufacturing processes and skilled workforce for operating such machines.


Mr. C. S. Sharma, Joint Director and Head- PMU(UAS), Quality Council of India: “Importance of quality and Current quality compliance ecosystem”
Mr. Preetesh Singh, Specialist CASE and alternate Powertrains, NRI Consulting, and Solutions India Pvt. Ltd: “Impact of IIoT and connected technologies on CNC Metal Shaping and Forming Technologies”
Mr. Daniel Raravi, Director – Marketing & Strategic Initiatives, Mastercam: “CAM for Advanced Manufacturing”

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