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Japanese welding technology for upgrading Indian industries


AOTS, Japan (Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships) and Confederation of Indian Industry, India (CII) organised a technical seminar and workshop on High Precision Arc Welding Technology at Jamshedpur on 13-14 December. The seminar was organised at Hotel Alcor, Jamshedpur and the practical demonstration of Japanese latest welding technology was conducted at Indo Danish Tool Room (IDTR), MSME Tool Room, Jamshedpur on both the days. This training program at Jamshedpur was funded by Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, Japan (METI). This was 3rd and last METI supported training program scheduled in 2018. First program in this series was held at Chennai (22-23 Aug 2018) and 2nd at Ahmedabad (23-24 Oct 2018). Panasonic Welding Systems was the industry partner; providing lecture and practical demonstration on latest welding equipment and robot technology to improve productivity of Indian metal fabrication industry. Other industry partners were Kobelco Welding, Japan (welding consumables) and Iwatani Corporation, Japan (shielding gas).

Masayuki Taga, Consulate General of Japan in Kolkata said he was happy to welcome the Japanese delegates to the Eastern part of India. He added that more than 1400 Japanese companies are operating in India out of which 700 plus companies are from manufacturing sector. The Government of Japan is committed to support the “Make in India” initiative and “Made in India” mission by continuing these kind of workshops. “Japan has already started taking significant measures to improve the human resource in India and we shall continue to support such kind of initiatives in India,” he added.

Tapas Kumar Sahu informed that Japanese technology is an ideal example of best manufacturing practice giving world “zero defect” principle. He also said that “welding” is one of the most important process in metal working technology. He also said that India is, currently, going through infrastructure mode and there is going to be drastic increase in steel consumption from current 100 Million tonne per annum to 300 Million tonne by 2030 as per National Steel Policy (NSP) 2017.

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