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Rapid, accurate and reliable logistic response to orders

August 25, 2015 3:11 pm

Daifuku delivers high level of automation and integration for NTN’s distribution centre in Singapore
 Having set up a distribution centre in Singapore replenishing by a large numbers of cargo containers weekly, servicing about 30 countries around Asia, Middle East and Africa, NTN Bearing Singapore needs to respond promptly to its customers’ orders. Coupled with a high product mix of line products, has led the company to install Daifuku’s fully automated material handling system (AMHS) with all Daifuku’s in-house on-line control and reporting software.
In a nutshell• Objective: High level of automation and integration between the receipt of shipment, storage and responsive delivery of goods, coupled with accuracy inventory control.• Provider: Daifuku• ASRS: Eight pallet Rackmaster cranes, handling 1 tonne load, 15 metres high and approximately 50 metres long• Handling: Eight sorting transfer vehicle (STV), seven U shape picking conveyors, two store-in and one store out conveyors• Storage: 8,994 pallet locations in 43 bays, 13 levels, open face racking.Key benefits• Fast, responsive and flexible out process of full or mixed pallets, and even box orders from one distribution centre• Fast, flexible, store-and-forget in process• Accurate, efficient order picking with 100 per cent real-time inventory control• Precise automated handling, reducing goods damage• Drastic improvement of worker ergonomics and safety• Dramatically increases the number of load that can be handled in the same building.
Since its establishment in 1918, NTN Corporation has been a pioneer in developing and producing bearings essential to industrial progress. In addition, through ceaseless efforts in development and production of constant velocity joints, key components for automotive drive-trains, NTN has captured a major share of the Japanese market. The ultra–precision technology NTN has fostered through the production of bearings allowed them to expand our product range to include various precision equipment. In 1994, a distribution centre was established in Singapore. To handle large amount of inventories, big product mix, a short turnaround time, efficient storage, accuracy inventory and stock picking control, it became apparent to NTN Bearing (Singapore) that a reliable and robust Automated Material Handling System is essential.
To solve the problem, Daifuku proposed a solution based on a pre-engineered, computer controlled Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS), U Shape Picking Conveyors, Store-In/Out Conveyors and Sorting Transfer Vehicles (STV) – the first such system operating in Singapore.


The new installation has more than doubled the previous capacity and very much enhanced the accuracy, reliability and productivity.A highly sophisticated feature of the system is the control software that runs the facility. Developed in-house by Daifuku, the system has the ability to adjust to the customer business need.
Message from NTN ManagementNTN Bearing-Singapore (Pte) Ltd. was established in November 1971 in Jurong. After 20 years in Singapore, NTN Bearing-Singapore has outgrown itself.
In 1991, the management saw a need to establish a distribution centre that will cater to the need of the expanded market. Together with NTN Corporation Japan, the management evaluated several proposals form international contractors and vendors for an efficient and reliable system to meet the special conditions of satisfying customer needs.
“The evaluation was based on our stringent criteria to handle inward, outward, space maximization, optimal turnaround time and to reach our customers on time are of great importance in our decision. The choice was awarded to Daifuku Mechatronics Singapore,” said Toshihiko Otera, Managing Director, NTN Bearing-Singapore (Pte) Ltd. “Through the choice is made, the evaluation has not ended. Daifuku Mechatronics still works with us on our expansion program. Daifuku Mechatronics (Singapore) Pte Ltd is our partner for life.”_______________________________________With the “Make in India” campaign, India is bound to become a global manufacturing hub sooner than later. To keep up with ever so demanding need of distribute, on time managing labour and to be competitive globally please visit or contact us, so that we can show you future of automated storage and picking system.
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