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Arabian Petroleum: Meeting distinctive requirements of Industrial & Automotive Lubricants 

Arabian Petroleum: Meeting distinctive requirements of Industrial & Automotive Lubricants 

October 12, 2021 3:46 pm

Pandemic presented many challenges for the lubricants industry by impacting both the transportation and industrial sectors which Arabian Petroleum has successfully met and overcome.

Major economies of each region, affected due to the pandemic, resulted in slowdown activities across industries that use lubricants in their machineries and equipment. Transition to lower-viscosity oils to improve fuel economy in the case of engine oils remains a challenge for most of the lubricant companies in India. In the case of grease, most of the companies manufacture products that cannot withstand lower temperatures and become extremely viscous. It is vital to make sure that quality of products should not be compromised, which could lead to engine issues. 

Arabian Petroleum Ltd., has emerged as one of the top lubricant manufacturers in India. Established in 2006, it is one of the most trusted brands among the customers throughout the years and has always been application centric. Along with supplying products, the company also offers solutions to customers. 

Manufacturing Capabilities 

Arabian Petroleum Ltd. has a base oil storage capacity of 2000 KL, manufacturing capacity of 3500 KL per month and finished goods storage capacity of 800 KL. Arabian Petroleum has been constructed with the use of latest technology like pigging to ensure no contamination in product lines. All the base oil storage tanks are attached with level transmitters which assist in real time storage through SCADA. All their blending and reactions are weight-based to maintain consistency in quality. In spite of Covid, they have consistently delivered growth of about 30-35 percent. 

Industrial Lubricants: 

Arabian Petroleum Ltd, SPL brand of Industrial Lubricants provides products that improve productivity, reduce mechanical wear, prevent system failure, and reduce energy cost, by extending efficiency and performance of machines. APL offers a variety of oils and lubricants to choose From the classic to the contemporary and from the new and emerging, to the technologically advanced. It combines performance, longevity, efficiency and economy. These specific additives in the lubricants developed by the company improve performance by controlling the chemical breakdown, maintaining viscosity and lubricity; thereby optimising maintenance cost. 


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Their latest developments include and are not limited to Cleaners, Knitting Oils, Semi-synthetic Cutting Oils and Aluminium & Copper Wire Drawing Oils. 

Automotive Lubricants 

Arabian Petroleum Ltd Automotive Brand is Arzol, catering to MCO, PCMO, Gear Oils, Transmission Oils, DEO, Coolants, Brake Fluids and Greases. 

It provides a wide range of premium products infused with xado ceramic nanotechnology leading to reduction of fuel consumption. It enhances the longevity of the machines as well as increases the drain intervals of oils. Their oils play the role of a doctor for machines and prevent wear and tear of engine parts by forming layers of nanoparticles at the site of damage and rejuvenating the engine part. 

They have developed a huge basket of premium products ranging from synthetic to semi-synthetic, taking the market trend forward. Arabian Petroleum has also launched products like SN plus RC in combination with Xado technology which helps them stay ahead of their competitors in the market. SN plus RC is a new motor oil specification developed for turbocharged engines that is being developed in response to automakers’ request for motor oils that protect against low speed pre-ignition. 

They specifically design their products as per the needs and requirements of the customers based on the application. The lubricants offered by them have been developed after an extensive field trial to match the needs of retail and corporate clients. This helps them to optimise the product formulation and deliver better products at reasonable prices. Moving forward, the company plans to continue meeting the unique requirements of its customers.

Though a few products of Arabian Petroleum Ltd are CIRT approved (remaining approvals are on the way), the Automotive products of Arabian Petroleum Ltd. are API approved. Arabian Petroleum Ltd. is Government recognised as a STAR EXPORT HOUSE catering to more than 20 countries.

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