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IIoT reshaping the manufacturing sector


Manish S Patel,
Director, MTS Engineers
IIoT will reshape overall manufacturing industries with new standards on every aspect such as productivity, efficiency, accuracy, versatility and flexibility never before.

Huge scope of IIoT in manufacturing
IIoT is going to be a key role and revolution in manufacturing. As it offers excellent data analytics of production process and its efficiency. Innovative solutions are discovered which looks impossible or unimaginable in past years. Manish S Patel, Director, MTS Engineers Pvt Ltd, informs, “There is huge scope of IIoT in manufacturing; it has penetrated in every walks of human life. Radio-taxi, food delivery app, household services, public transportation, home automation, 3D Printing technologies, advanced metering interface for water monitoring which is revolutionising manufacturing space are some exciting examples of IIoT.”

He adds, “IIoT will reshape overall manufacturing industries with new standards on every aspect such as productivity, efficiency, accuracy, versatility and flexibility never before.”

Key driving industries in IIoT adoption
Patel adds, “From our point of view automobile, water infrastructure, energy management, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, defence machinery and allied industries will be the key driving industries in IIoT adoption.”

In fact, IIoT can be adopted for manufacturing any industrial products, process monitoring and control, effective repair and maintenance etc. If implemented thoughtfully can increase productivity four-fold and can become competitive.

MTS’s preparedness in the area of IIoT
MTS Engineers Pvt Ltd since 2007 is highly engaged providing wide variety of different flow technologies (such as coriolis, ultrasonic, electromagnetic, thermal mass, vortex etc) of smart flow sensors and controllers solutions as well process instrumentation solutions (moisture, level, humidity, pressure, temperature) in various industries processes such as fuel energy management, robotics, welding solutions, water and wastewater conservation, heating ventilation and air-conditioning solutions, bio-reactors, latest nanotechnology innovation and research and development in biopharma, medicine, chemistry, oil and gas, power-generations, semiconductors, printing and packaging solutions, surface coating solutions etc.

Energy management is picking up pace due to depleting conventional resources such as fossil fuels, oil and gas. Research focus has shifted to alternative fuel and energy efficiency in conventional fuels with the help of smart flow sensors and IoT based solutions. Patel informs, “Recently, we have provided thermal mass flow controllers for welding gases or fuel for our customer’s project in designing automated online welding and brazing equipment based on IIoT, which was impossible earlier. Heating ventilation and air conditioning solutions comprises of chiller efficiency monitoring with the help of ultrasonic flowmeter cum BTU measurement and boilers or heaters (gas or fuel oil based) where hot water flow metering and steam measurement and conservation is utmost important which is connected to BMS (Building Management System).”

In infrastructure space MTS delivers online microwave moisture controlling systems to concrete batch mixing plant manufacturers for achieving highest quality in precast concrete preparations used for paver block, pipe, slab and many road infrastructure development needs. Surface coating solutions for various medical devices and industrial machines parts such as chemical vapour deposition, plasma spraying solutions, physical vapour depositions is creating new horizon.

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